Kingdom Under Fire Age of Storm Celine Archer Gameplay CBT1

Review is now up! Check it out below.

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  1. Crasharino

    Why did I think this was an MMO? lol, had no idea it was a moba o_O

  2. Strider

    I hope Kingdom Under Fire II has the same dark feel that the console games had unlike this one :P

  3. Xechu

    Wow played LOCO, SMITE dota and lolo, i have to play his game for sure!!! the hero with the scythe *_* any idea when will eb available on europe?

  4. Yoo Ten Sill


  5. Azeew

    It's an MMO MOBA.

  6. Renkai Noctis

    Steparu, hopefully you see this.
    But um, can you please review or do a gameplay of "Warframe"
    I know is not your typical Korean game, or out there But is worth checking out.
    Thanks for your time ^_^

  7. Juice Shin

    is this game is like LOL it's just RPG point of view instead?

  8. WakkaaloaksTv

    if anything this game has smite play style

  9. WakkaaloaksTv

    i'd like to see you do better ^^

  10. WakkaaloaksTv

    Umm i think you commented on the wrong person dude..-3-

  11. Erdit Widiatno

    this game like a LOCO ( Land of Chaos Online)..
    what a different??

  12. Alfimie

    its the evolution of loco, loco was legendary, until they fcked it. it just needed some love.

  13. Zerstorung Gameplay

    Hey Step i try log in pmang but a pop up widow show up. like gametime . nwz can you say what is that? i have the account but not log in the site.can u help?

  14. Tyco Tyrannus

    Am I correct in my search that Kingdom Under Fire and all its expansions are NOT available on PC? I know KUF 2 will be of course. Asking about the first.

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