Kingdom Under Fire 2 — Elementalist Skills — Field Questing Gameplay

I leveled her up during the weekend. Field questing, missions later.
I can summon a Bear or Panther, my third pet unlocks at lvl 20. — Game Site — Strategy MMORPG

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Комментариев: 25
  1. rendermax


  2. lmtsuper

    Is KUF2 play like a normal action MMORPGs ( for example TERA)? When can you play the musou/RTS mode?

  3. Antuan

    is this playable with a VPN or you need to bypass some hardcore shit to get an account?

  4. Professor Q

    Now why would you mess with the big guy?

  5. 黒目

    this game like icarus ( i think)

  6. Tye Roberts

    It isn't an Eastern MMO without a loli ;_;

  7. GBeez

    I've always wanted a FEZ remake. Guess this'll have to suffice. Unless FEZ: Genesis releases earlier than this. Which I doubt.

  8. Solaire Kun

    REKT 5:12

  9. Konejo PE

    is android or pc game?

  10. dafemads

    Developers are learning, if you want to make a loli just make a cute "Justice" character instead, please both crowds.

  11. Yasser Alghamdi

    is this the same KUF that was announced almost 8 years ago?!

  12. philxx100

    Closed beta or open beta?

  13. Hide Sinyster

    This game looks soooo GOOD I want it now

  14. lady milady

    i want to play♥

  15. Fajar Eka Putra

    im wondering ,this site are the same game like yours vid?
    *sorry for trashquestion

  16. Anthony

    hmmm can't get it to run in any playable fashion even at lowest settings on my fx6300/gtx660…..only game I've tried so far w/ this issue.

    although….i have played it before back when I had an even older system and it wasnt this bad.

  17. Kinniku Sensei

    does steparu ever do commentaries or does anyone know what he looks like?

  18. ion david

    2017 and still tab targeting "sigh"

  19. aizen moku

    how can i download this game ? i try go webiste . 404 not found

  20. aizen moku

    english version dont have?

  21. phantombloodsoul

    fucking hell its a korean developer gender locked class

  22. Byron Watkins

    I am so confuse right now is the game coming to then na or is it shutdown??

  23. Living New

    I hate that it's gender locked but I do love the class

  24. ElectronS

    RELEASE DATE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. CrtKazz J

    If you could change the voice to not squeal that’d be great..

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