Justice Online PvP BG 116 Assists Mixed Heal & CC Support

The PvP junkie in me wants to mess around in the battlegrounds~!
I’m currently in the top ten of my server since I PvP so much, lol.
http://n.163.com/ — PC — Wuxia MMORPG — Official Release — Semi F2P

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  1. weapon

    could you play a melee dps next time? :D

  2. Tyrion Lancaster

    Your videos are the reason I got this game and I play this class! I don't read or speak a lick of Chinese but I love it! lol.

  3. Aaron Wallace

    Congrats for being in the top 10, the class looks really fun

  4. Xneas

    Game looks really good any news on global release?

  5. Bs Kata


  6. CrystalEmbrace

    omg the perfect pocket support XD 2:17

  7. ra gl

    by the looks of it. it feels like blade and soul. is it a copy of it?

  8. Rolandio Rheza

    how much ping if you play in china and korean server? i know you play a lot korean and chinese mmorpg

  9. Celina Vitch

    Is the pretty character in the beginning of the video in the white/Black a playable character? 0:07

  10. jacklmx

    how is this semi F2P? you need to buy gaming hours with money.

  11. Nightmare

    2:14 is this the only class that can turn into a human balloon?

  12. J Rain

    현재 중국섭에서 역수한을 한국분들하고 게임하고 있습니다 방파명은 "한결"이고요 관심있는분들 같이 소통하며 잼나게 해요~~까페에 오시면 회원가입부터 설치 퀘스트 ,게임정보 자세히 있습니다 https://cafe.naver.com/justiceonlinekorea

  13. Dmitriy SL

    фиг поймешь где свои где враги. только по никам. чтоб однотипных пачки сносить должен быть сюжет хороший. но какой сюжет с иероглифами.

  14. Rahim Elshebani

    looks amazing

  15. Rahim Elshebani

    how to sighn in and download it

  16. Italo Silva

    Hello! Have some patch for english language:?

  17. XFEI X


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