Justice Online Open Beta — Story Gameplay — Selfies & Tour — Max Graphics

Open Beta servers are now live! Here is a lengthy gameplay preview.
Very detailed looking areas, but the areas and maps are rather small.
http://n.163.com/ — PC — Wuxia MMORPG — CN — Open Beta — Semi F2P

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  1. Bs Kata


  2. MrTea

    Huh…. this looks like a very decent Chinese dynasty period kind of game.
    Though still feels like B&S.
    They did a good job, for once…

  3. Arbyte

    looks very instanced.. but maybe thats just the starting/tutorial area

  4. Tiny

    with recent games running like poop on all systems how is performance? o.o

  5. JV T

    5:38 LMAO at how the enemies just spin like ballerinas

  6. Sendagaya Yukimiou

    Wow what a gorgeous world


    To say truthfully, this game look like moonlight blade or any other Chinese mmo game.

  8. Dodo Dino

    steparu when can there be a English version of this? :)

  9. Máiron Vieira

    IP Block?

  10. PolowBornFly

    I would love for NA to get this but the odds I know are very low

  11. SwagPotion

    steparu, where can i enter gift code ?

  12. Tris

    I Played this aswell Grafic is awsome but its so hard to understand it in chinese and i played archeage in korea aswell

  13. Sly

    What do you mean with semi F2p?

  14. anatoli kornilov

    dame this game looks so good it makes BD loks bad, hope game play is at last half as good as the looks.

  15. rlifeh

    and chinese music ❤♥ 💕

  16. TeaMan

    Looks nice :D

    Steparu try the game 9Dragons out

  17. Toan Nguyen

    Steparu, can you provide instruction on how to register and download this game? thank you!

  18. Rubber_Child

    Can you make a video on how to register and download? :D

  19. GermanStrands

    This game looks very polished! I give it a try.

  20. Hung Le

    You can also manually hide the UI to take sc by pressing Ctrl+M , Ctrl+F11 to hide players :D.. OMG that fall was legend :v

  21. Ry D

    Is there any english patch for this game? :D My chinese aint as good as it is previously

  22. Mev-Rael

    Who came up with "Justice Online" name? It has totally different name in Chinese.

  23. Leon X

    Moonlight blade isn't even over, you guys expect to play this in the west? lol

  24. Zhen Long Mok

    those who are able to play, how? i tried to register with different browser even uses VPN, different wifi, but every time i insert my verification code it says timed out.

  25. Baldoxxx4000

    I see asian game, automatic dislike

  26. Ryan Jones

    Graphics look pretty fucking sweet. The environment is detailed very well. Some of the minor things like the fish in the water looked pretty bad compared to how great the water physics looked, but thats super minor. Character models were good but there was some clipping and whatnot, like that dude in the wheelchair probably shouldnt have a big ass cloak because that just looked awkward clipping through everything when he moved. Ambient BGM is extremely solid, super pleasant to listen to. Combat looked a little easy and repetitive, but looked good and fluid and the character movements were pretty neat.
    I think the air traveling is super unique and interesting but also a double edged sword. Like, it's definitely something VERY different and new compared to any MMO I've seen or played. It's cool to see the air gliding without using an actual mount, and the movements that keep the combo going give you something more to look at than just an object sliding through the air. I think the combo system to keep it going is neat too, and you dont take fall damage. On the other hand though, I could definitely see the novelty of that air combo system getting tiring after a while. Especially if you have to travel a long distance and have been playing the game for quite some time and have done a lot of time air gliding. Eventually you'll get distracted or bored and fuck up the combo, fall down and have to start it up again. And having to always pay attention to the click because the icon isnt always on the same spot of the meter. It seems like a feature that'll go from being super cool when you're new, to a nuisance feature when you have 100+ hours in.

  27. Call Me Lukas

    this is how mmorpgs have to look like!!! When will this come for europeans?! I want it in german..

  28. Dan Gee

    Soooo… this is just chinese BDO?

  29. Dark Spectro

    lol more like an online spa

  30. XFEI X


  31. exenderlloyd

    Lol, it says BDO as the game xD.
    Can't wait to play this though!

  32. blank blank

    wish i was rich enough to make this place a reality

  33. Snoopy25

    Steparu I'm so glad I found this! I just downloaded the game, and haven't had a chance to make a character yet, but the graphics are GORGEOUS! I'm like, tearing up, this is fantastic! I really wish there was at least an English patch. I don't care about ping, I just want to play this to stare at all the pretty trees T_T

  34. ashley black

    How do you swap characters or class

  35. Nat Mansfield

    I want to live inside this world.

  36. fendi zhong

    this is heaven game

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