Justice Online Hidden Forest — Level 50 Party Dungeon — Ultra Settings

Continuing my Wuxia adventures here is a full dungeon preview~!
Enjoying the game so far, even though the daily exp cap sucks.
http://n.163.com/ — PC — Wuxia MMORPG — CN — Open Beta — Semi F2P

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  1. Bs Kata


  2. Shoryukyu 97

    Interesting concept and gameart

  3. woo choi

    are you a ballerina cuz you got the moves for it xD


    Is this getting a western/euro release

  5. Luis Fernando

    Queria jogar :c

  6. Chyvalle

    when everyone is fighting i just gonna dance

  7. Delsoon Bye

    Do you think this game will survive the chinese market? I know its usually over saturated with wuxia games and they die off in a couple of months. Cause ive been waiting for western release news from netease but i know they mostly port mobile

  8. フルーツポンチ侍Z#凛fam

    your ingame name XD si te pa lu

  9. abdías ovallos saavedra

    Cute 7u7

  10. PaPa Frankku

    you really love this game huh? is it really that good?

  11. Toan Nguyen

    I'm currently level 34. combat feels unresponsive because you can't move and fight at the same time. Don't tell me because of lag, i'm using a ping booster with an avg 40ms ping. Basically, old combat style not robust/dynamic like BnS or BDO. very little action in between quests. And so far all the main quests are autopath to npc, click, watch an UNSKIPABLE cut-scene ranging from 15sec to 3 mins long. rinse and repeat. The only thing that this game has going for is its beautiful graphics.

  12. Lazy Crazy

    they can fly but they forced Steparu to use broken glider @11:45 that made me laugh


    Hmmm this game reminds me very much of Blade and Soul but with a chinese touch …

    Straaaaaaaaange … ISN'T IT?!

  14. Seriouslee-91

    another game that looks and sounds exactly like revalation online ^^

  15. Martina T

    Im so happy you play this class. Thanks for showing the game play. Looks so fun and I hope the game come to Europe <3

  16. Shilong Guan

    introduce you another new Chinese online game. will beta on July 5th, called 古剑奇谭ol. Some people made videos of the previous beta, so check it out. This company is really expected by us and their games are high quality.

  17. Irosen Odka


  18. hard mode

    why this awesome mmos always hae to be korean or chinese D_:

  19. JJ

    steparu~~is there an english community there? is it gonna be a solo adventure? u.u

    Perhaps… could i join u guys :shy:

  20. Population Unknown

    how is this game compare to Moonlight blade?

  21. Yukyine * 白薔薇の庭園

    OMG.. Steparu understand Chinese ? >XDD The graphics of this game is so beautiful! T__T

  22. Absolute Senpai

    Isnt this the game where it charges you $2 per hour of play time?

  23. Sarah Livingston

    Who are the developers for Justice? :o


    1080 ti i74790k 16gb ram and i got only average 40-60 fps on lowest setting.

  25. بسه •

    idk on the start screen i couldnt get in isit too many player or what ? is like i try to enter the game but keep appear chinese word repeat and repeat 2 button i think the first is join and 2nd is quit game


    any malaysia/sg player pm me discord zDonFrank#2860

  27. Balance Is The Only Truth

    This game seriously could be… could be big. Even in the west. But just could. :( pl0x

  28. Zetsubo 絶望

    Join our discord community for Justice Online!
    We have a lot of guides to help you along the way and we're developing English patch as well!

  29. Xaco Swso

    Where do I play this in English?

  30. J Luu

    I was so looking forward to this game… but it just looks like pure chaos with no impact… what a let down. Everyone looks like they just stand a spam.

  31. kazurin

    Is it true that u need to pay to continue playing when u reach lvl35?

  32. Nsk

    why china why making such an amazing game! and not sharing with the rest of the world§

  33. bratwurstpower

    i play the same class and i love it

  34. Lilith Minasyan

    I want to play it soooo bad.! T^T why is it only in chinese..? mehhh.. :<

  35. furiat21 Igt

    I have a question whether this game will come out on the European market?

    And when so, when? Because I'm waiting for this game like the rest of the people He is very much waiting for her

  36. Toan Nguyen

    Hi there! Which PC/laptop you use to get the ultra settings? Thank you!

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