Justice Online Healer Combat & Party Gameplay

Targeting styles available, isometric, action mode, classic, or hybrid.
Not really sure how I feel, the game plays a bit like Moonlight Blade.
http://n.163.com/ — PC — Wuxia MMORPG — CN — Open Beta — Semi F2P

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Комментариев: 37
  1. Filipe Fochier

    Graphics perfect 😮

  2. Orbital Dew*

    just came here to see if the game is worth the 1mil

  3. Kalaalivik

    I think 2019 people is here to see what the f**k the $1.4 mil is on about x)


    Shit looks hella boring.

  5. Gentle Man

    I want spend 1,3 Billion in this Game 😜

  6. Girb_

    1.4 mil for some hookers, aight. But for this hentai game, nah m8 (it seems cool do)

  7. Isra

    True or False = promotion

  8. Mr.Dupin

    that law suit was a huge advertising for this game hahaha

  9. mits

    Let’s be honest we all here cause the lawsuit

  10. Cristian V

    Who would spend a dime on this?

  11. Saiichi Bloodbane

    6:54 She turns into a kite and doesn't give a fuck.

  12. Uhhh JustPhil

    This game looks boring as shit. No way I’d spend 1.4 mill on this dog shit game.

  13. Shadow Storm

    gameplay looks like garbage

  14. Mark M

    Not worth even my $1. Everyone looks the same lol, a kite.

  15. MOB 9791

    abis baca berita dari wow fakta haha

  16. Azhar Shaik

    Came here to see what's so special about this game that made the guy spend 1.4 million.

  17. Kaonashi`

    fake news.

  18. Alexander

    Only time where a lawsuit against a game helps the game with massive free PR :O

  19. N ight

    The enemies dont even fight back wtf looks so boring

  20. Mad Mario

    1.4 mil. is either a lie for advertisement or he is just a stupid rich kid

  21. Sankalp Yadav

    Here for the law suit🤣

  22. Richyyy

    how can some thing be worth 1,3m in this game tho

  23. Ken Ken

    Game looks pretty cool tbh. Wouldnt mind spending 1.4 mil if I had the money to spend.

  24. iiTz Dementia

    Someone teach me how to say DOG SHIT in Chinese please.

  25. Hasake

    Nah fam y’all can keep this shit to yourself don’t bring it to the west. A game that allows you to spend 1.4 mil don’t bring it to the western market, we already have EA assfucking us😂

  26. Diego rendon

    1.4 millones de dolares

  27. Teguh Aditya

    For that amount of money, and see another gameplay of these games. Well the games itself is very beautiful, it's like Chinese painting, so beautiful… No wonder why the guys spends a lot of money on these games.

  28. Alis Fur


  29. Games Online

    Rumors that this game only became famous after the guy who spent 1.4 million on this game hahah

  30. ZH

    Hi, thank you for your review. after playing Justice Online for a couple of hours, the game prompts me to enter their national ID if not I will not be allowed to proceed with the game. I wonder how to continue with the game?

  31. Julian L

    apparently in this game you gotta spend around 60 bucks for one outfit/skin. ONLY ONE. I now understand how that guy spent 1.4 million on a character

  32. Bekon241

    I love Mandarin Movie and 6:40 moment i wont play that game so much is any english version or i can create acount in asia? Free to Play? any link?

  33. Carlitos Viquera

    Blade and soul with better graphics??????????

  34. Vujkan

    so any chance for eu/na market this game?!

  35. Chris Jamin

    When SEA?

  36. Yalçın Çavdar

    Which game is better with combat system and graphic Justice Online or Moonlight Blade ?

  37. YesThatMousyIris

    Not gonna lie the healer class is pretty badass!

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