Justice Online Guild Battle MOBA Mode Swift Victory

Neat, the GvG System in this game is a three-lane MOBA map~!
The other guild seemed to be lacking players so we hard pushed.
http://n.163.com/ — PC — Wuxia MMORPG — Released — Semi F2P

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Комментариев: 14
  1. paku

    i never been this early before. can i get some love?

  2. Nhật Quang Nguyễn

    The first thing i would do when i play this game is making that "human kite" XD

  3. [SEA]S

    I really adoreee how minimalistic the skills particles are. It still looks amazing while not making our eyes tired or the screen looks busy. One thing that I wish BDO could be. Love the aesthetic too

  4. Yohhh Channel

    Why are u always using female character? Make a bulky male character sometimes xD

  5. Isidro Álvarez

    i really hope an english and europe ver of this game.. 😭😭

  6. MrPRInce

    come here let steparu notice me.

  7. Владислав Дмитриевич

    same gvg in PW 2005…

  8. B Marti

    That is not how you ride a horse lol.

  9. David Wayne

    lol hahaha man kite

  10. Quick Times

    LOL wtf human kite, LOL wtf that horse riding , LOL wtf…

  11. julian12465

    Rip The Day

  12. J Rain

    현재 중국섭에서 역수한을 한국분들하고 게임하고 있습니다 방파명은 "한결"이고요 관심있는분들 같이 소통하며 잼나게 해요~~까페에 오시면 회원가입부터 설치 퀘스트 ,게임정보 자세히 있습니다 https://cafe.naver.com/justiceonlinekorea

  13. Dead Meme

    please i need a quick reply, im trying to download this game, i even pressed all the buttons and still i cant start the game download

  14. Hem0

    Any news to be english server 😭😭😭

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