Justice Online Environment Trailers

A compilation of all the Justice Environment trailers. OBT soon.
https://youtu.be/b5D8Yi7u6H8 Playable Characters Trailer Here.
http://n.163.com/ — PC — Wuxia MMORPG — CN — OBT 6/29

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  1. Baldoww

    Looks nice but I have yet to see a Chinese MMO which is not shit

  2. Ahmed Al Amry

    The environment is insanely beautiful.

  3. hovsep56

    pretty average graphics tbh would have been amazing few years ago

  4. Chiewie 016

    This trailer is all about attracting male characters and it cringes me a lot

  5. Ronald Ramirez


  6. 검정색고양

    Chinese games are always suck and disgusting :)

  7. poop pooperson

    this looks awful

  8. 검정색고양

    for some reason i like JP and KR voice dub but CN dub is lil bit to much to me

  9. Ionut C

    The env looks awesome, however the characters and animation looks dull. Never thought I would say this, but that girl managed to turn me off.

    This is a new game, but honestly I'm not sure it's better than moonlight blade which is far older.
    English release? It might be faster if I learn mandarin lol.

  10. mazaisvilijs

    We want justice online for players

  11. Best Riven EU

    people today just focus on that and forget about the gameplay. no wonder mmo's are dying

  12. JV T

    NetEase's answer to Tencent's Moonlight Blade XD

  13. Happy Life WISH

    No originality just keep milking the same shit over and over again. Worst of all people pay the bill

  14. Erebus2075

    that's some amazing rain at the end there :D

  15. Thiago Martins

    Moonlight Blade ?

  16. Thiago Martins

    Perfect World Unreal Engine 4 ?

  17. Andrew H

    Is there a reddit group for this game yet? ;x

  18. Nathaniel Owusu

    Please play this game when it gets release 👍

  19. A L I E N S

    lmao bullshit trailer. like people actually care where they are grinding

  20. Null Null

    Looks nice, but every Chinese morph I know only focus on graphics and forget everything else. (Like system in the game)

  21. X Kobe

    absolutely stunning, but dont have much hopes for the gameplay :(

  22. Paimon Chan

    If you wanna play this, just go to Revelaton online.

  23. Toan Nguyen

    Another wuxia game. How original. China is truly the land of copy and paste and knockoffs but with much LOWER standards.

  24. MommaLily

    Typical traditional & standard Chinese mmo with oriental environment & scenery but obviously is tab-target or about 100-combos on a group of mobs

  25. Drecell the Alive

    Love the hate in the comments. Personally I will play this just based on the fact that the storyline is based on a wuxia novel (wuxia novels are usually really good in terms of storytelling).

  26. AcidPulse

    some of the environments remind me of Age of Wushu

  27. Mikagami Tokiya

    steparu… how did you activate phone to play this game?

  28. m f

    New BnS copy again

  29. Tigerspaz

    what a beautiful game. but…

  30. Linda Chan

    if the storms look like this, I'll be really impressed. I love the witcher wind mechanics.

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