Justice Online Daily Gold Dungeon Missions

Played earlier today to check out stuff, but.. my server seems dead.
I ended up logging off after doing the daily gold dugneons~! T_T
http://n.163.com/ — PC — Wuxia MMORPG — Released — Semi F2P

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  1. Francesco NeXoR

    Will this game come to NA or EUW?

  2. Android EK Games


  3. Bs Kata

    Wowwow looks like fun do your best go all out☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  4. Eilanzer

    same stuff over and over =/
    but the game look rly nice, dunno about the gameplay tough…

  5. Zarozian

    We love you Steparu! ;D

  6. Zarozian

    Come play Warframe. = w=

  7. William Aw

    Hey Steparu which vpn r u using?

  8. No Way

    This game is so beautiful. And I love how the healer can tether to her target and follow them from fight to fight.

  9. Ilregard

    In the opening sequence, are you being pulled along like a human kite? lol This is an interesting escort mission.

  10. Hung Le

    i got 69 and back to moonlight blade Kr new server. tbh, this game ain't as good as expected. anyway, depends on how does your feeling :D . Tks for vid, Ste
    Apparently, Moonlight Blade will have Eng ver soon by Nexon for NA/EU .

  11. DireConsenquences

    so the beginning bamboozled me. You can latch on and basically 'auto follow' another user's character?

  12. the onfaller

    what do you with semi f2p?

  13. Jj Chen


  14. NewGameWay

    This is Justice chinese server . anyone need game account and cash shop service ? NewGameWay support

  15. YumiYuna

    is the game easy signup and download to play?

  16. WushuLord

    lol so age of wushu 2

  17. Vladimir Tepis

    So… You are a kite?

  18. abstract

    Hey Steparu, i tried to download this game but the launcher gives me a connection error like this https://imgur.com/39gh6t1 Could you help me ? And i have a question, is it enough to open a Netease account to login to the game? ? Or i need to buy an account from here? https://www.obtgame.com/justice-account-netease.html
    Love you and wait for new videos! ♥

  19. Seulji

    Steparu I tried to play this but after making an account the game keeps telling me my account isn't registered :c
    I noticed there's a verification thing where you have to text a 15 numbered phone number the word "verify" in chinese, but I can't send the message I guess because I'm in Canada. How did you bypass this? Or did you make your account before they created this weird extra verification? I'm sad I really wanted to try it out :c

  20. Cosmin Dogaru

    Are there any translations? I tried it but I get lost.

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