Justice Online Daily Dungeon Randomized Boss Rush

One of the many daily dungeons of the game for random equipment.
I haven’t been playing this game much, just PvP’ing and logging off.
http://n.163.com/ — PC — Wuxia MMORPG — CN — Official Release — Semi F2P

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  1. jesse Davis

    (●´∀`●)O(≧∇≦)O(≧∇≦)/ wish I could play this

  2. Amur Ika

    cloth armor OP

  3. Bs Kata


  4. hovsep56

    Do you find this game better than moonlight blade?

  5. J Rain

    현재 중국섭에서 역수한을 한국분들하고 게임하고 있습니다 방파명은 "한결"이고요 관심있는분들 같이 소통하며 잼나게 해요~~까페에 오시면 회원가입부터 설치 퀘스트 ,게임정보 자세히 있습니다 https://cafe.naver.com/justiceonlinekorea

  6. Nathaniel Owusu

    Are healers your favourite class in MMORPGs ?

    I mean I like mages & healers too

  7. Sae Vg


  8. Baldoxxx4000

    you mean chinese online?

  9. Mask Kun

    why u alway vomit lol

  10. Parzival xD

    Mann langweiligste Boss aller Zeiten wie kann man so ein langweiliges Kampfsystem noch produzieren.kann ich nicht nachvollziehen.

  11. Hung Le

    Seriouslyyyyyy Ste need to be nerfed :3 Too OP is not good for Ste :3


    is it me or just all the Chinese games look the same and play like trash ? :D

  13. Mobile Players

    Does seems to have boobs physic there

  14. Soracj

    wat happened to ring of elysium?

  15. Hao Zhang


  16. Mr Asik

    What is that dice thing do?

  17. MeiGen Hata

    血河嘲諷比鐵衣高 是在弄三小

  18. Zetsubo 絶望

    Join our discord community for Justice Online!
    We have a lot of guides to help you along the way and we're developing English patch as well!

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