Justice Online Cute & Funny Emotes

Over fifty kinds of cute & funny free emotes available in the game!
Much better than Moonlight, where you have to pay for everything.
http://n.163.com/ — PC — Wuxia MMORPG — CN — Open Beta — Semi F2P

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  1. An An

    so cute wao

  2. Bs Kata


  3. Rolandio Rheza

    he touch your boobs and you get a pregnant. OMGGGG LOL

  4. Cool Guy

    Human kites? SOLD

  5. redzerg

    14:14 WOW <3

  6. Hung Le

    Cuteeeeeeeeee …. but omg Ste vomit … pregnant ………. :v from 13:45 :3

  7. Kyo Mebi

    Creat your waifu and husbando

  8. Raiz Zen

    is all emotes free to use ? O_O

  9. 洪明鹏

    am i looking good?

  10. Sackboy


  11. JJ

    Steparu, are we able to try out the game? O-O will it be a nightmare like Monster hunter online with 9999 ping constantly? even with wtfast

  12. Neko Gaming

    I think i have seen it all PDA in MMORPG yikes

  13. woo choi

    this game looks beautiful!

  14. L cherry

    Is this tab target game ? Or free action combat like tera ?

  15. Nasazuke

    Hey Step'! I wanted to ask how to reduce the ping? i play the game but sometimes i got so much ping, urg… So if you have any idea! I take them!

  16. Whiwhichouw

    Thank you for your videos around Justice Online, Steparu-san o/.

    That aside, it seems to be a carbon copy of Revelation Online (I assume they're done by the same company ?) so… I fail to understand what they're trying to do outside of selling a different art concept ? It would have been cool to see a different gripe on gameplay or systems itself, as it stand it would be something (To me) that could be added in the base game itself.

    So my question to you is, do you feel that they have enough differences that you would be willing to play both ? (Assuming you tried them both)

  17. Ukoza Fei

    That was some sickass air-hops into air-dash lol.
    13:34 What?.. WHAT!!? XD

  18. peculiar

    I would love to play for the couple emotes!! So cute, thank you for sharing with us :) !

  19. Happy Life WISH

    I want to punch her

  20. Emily Hartmann

    Count procedure challenge hkffuh increased beat plenty print comfortable approach weight however.

  21. Ry D

    amazing game, played till lvl 26, then the quests got too hard where my chinese was not up to par to understand what it was asking for :(

  22. abdías ovallos saavedra

    Ohh Interesting game.

  23. cristian lamperouge

    how to play this game? help me please

  24. Zetsubo 絶望

    Join our discord community for Justice Online!
    We have a lot of guides to help you along the way and we're developing English patch as well!

  25. Đinh Hoàng Nam

    can i download this video ?

  26. Alucard NoLifeKing

    is there a kiss emote?

  27. vjthemad

    God damn it! this game looks gorgeous!

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