Justice Online 3v3 Arena PvP Gameplay

Started my PvP matches for the first time XD~! Healing seems fun XD.
I might post more PvP videos later. I still need to try the other group PvP.
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  1. Delsoon Bye

    Step i tried to sign up for a netease account , but everytime it says " timed out refresh and try again ", you know anything to get past this : (

  2. OnePunch

    Dance around for victory!!! Folks we got dance dance 2020 here
    Interesting game tho…..cmon bring it to the west <3

  3. Roberto Tavares

    The fight as everyone comments looks very much like dance for lack of impact, attacks do damage but do not cause knockback, knockdown, knockout, most of them. Everyone is very stand up and twisting around.

  4. TheAwakenHD

    This is the next big esport game

  5. Toan Nguyen

    Static/stationary combat. Boring click and auto path to npc quests. No ty. Uninstalled after lvl 36. I'll stick to ancient sword online.

  6. weapon

    do you happen to have a discord server? :v

  7. MommaLily

    What is the pvp balance based on? Is it set strengths & stats for everyone that joins the pvp arena like Lvl x or stat x / x / x for this type of arena?

    Or is it based on your own progression throughout game & can shine in pvp arena with your own stats / skills?

  8. Chr1sT0fu

    this looks so bad LOL

  9. Đại Hắc

    I wonder how many languages you know :vvv

  10. Steve Phrasavath

    Nice good job, alright & thanks again!

  11. 平行宇宙


  12. RavinKaito

    3:09 No way… are you being pulled along like kite/balloon!? D:
    Finally! Tethering support where you don't have work so freakin' hard to stay close to someone! And it looks amazing too!

  13. Amur Ika

    China #1

  14. Derick Zhou

    Quick question, what VPN you guys using for this game? it looks very smooth from you video.

  15. A L I E N S

    ha gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  16. J Rain

    현재 중국섭에서 역수한을 한국분들 몇분하고 게임하고 있습니다 방파명은 "한결"이고요 관심있는분들 같이 소통하며 잼나게 해요~~까페에 오시면 회원가입부터 설치 퀘스트 ,게임정보 자세히 있습니다 https://cafe.naver.com/justiceonlinekorea

  17. DayShawn

    How did you get the different flying animation? like the class special one?

  18. Zetsubo 絶望

    Join our discord community for Justice Online!
    We have a lot of guides to help you along the way and we're developing English patch as well!

  19. M4rtelus

    why i'm stll playing revelation online :thinking:

  20. Panda Digital Love

    Overpriced system don't bother, charged by the hour.

  21. trithels t

    Justice Arena Dancing All Night

  22. Pauline Yap


  23. 倀鬼


  24. Aaron Spencer

    Searched this game if it's really worth the $1.4m rofl

  25. Juan Carlos Hamoy

    Better than world of warcraft, the graphics. No wonder the guy paid 1.4m skkrt

  26. 79.havanna

    What a heap of trash

  27. Games Online

    We have to admit that the game is very beautiful, but not worth 1.4 million, at most 1.4 thousand

  28. Ryu Fenrir

    I was looking for another option instead of black desert online but this pvp looks like a little bit odd and very slow in comparison to bdo. But aside of that the game looks amazing, maybe I'll give it a try, thanks for sharing this video :)

  29. Mickey Ari

    no mmorpg will ever come close to wow's level in terms of PVP the complexity is just too great

  30. Yonathan Asefaw

    Is this game worth playing?

  31. Valperci Nabanalan

    could you plz change your character

  32. Wil Vargas

    Steparu marry with me , i want live in South Korea S2

  33. Cor Irrequietum

    Good graphics but pvp isnt fluid enough tho..

  34. Mobile Players

    Chinese mmorpg don't have chance of getting any nude mod, like black desert online. If not I will wait n play it.

  35. Pelayan LordGodAlmightyYehoshua

    how to register this game . without chinese number

  36. Conquestador

    when the graphics is more important than the actual gameplay

  37. Sly

    So akward looking

  38. AsmodianLeader

    did they changename to swords of legends?

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