Identity V Global — Dance With Me Hunter-kun — Aggro & Kiting — Mobile

Having some fun with the enemy Hunter in a Ranked match XD!
Awwww, the lag messes up some of the pallet stuns so sad~! — Co-op 1v4 Survival — Multiplayer — Mobile

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Комментариев: 31
  1. •Scf

    aww dude im so jealous of your fps

  2. Lady Nutty


  3. Rezal Malaya

    Geisha&octopus which one good??

  4. MisteriousGuy

    Probably a low tier hunter. You cant do that on tier 3 or higher rank.

  5. DIEhardHD

    Why on earth does everyone call it kiting just say dodge and weev haha

  6. Otaku Otaku

    Cringe. “ Hunter~ Kun

  7. Persin Mill


  8. монгол епт

    Name or emylator pless

  9. Extello the Fellow

    The hot boss are stupid when they are vaulting

  10. I wanna die แพรววัดอิงหลวงนะคะ

    wow good

  11. Cuz_Y_Not

    Y'all make kiting look so easy :')

  12. shotu

    May I know what’s your recording software?

  13. Griddle Puff

    U should get the talent whr u get full health after all deciphers are done. It could have saved u luckily that was a weak hell ember

  14. ND Gaming

    Has mobile in the title 16 seconds in you see a mouse cursor

  15. A Stranger

    Hunter be like : Hell what the f*ck is this

  16. Snowly Dragon

    How did you get the game on PC?

  17. Awiskwzo tahama

    Oof, you would have got knocked down so many times if you were playing with a good hunter, like your playing with someone who is new to hunter, try playing with the hunter I play with, lol

  18. Karol Gakson

    Omg XD this. Killer doesn know how to even camp but i. Understand him

  19. Rance :3

    Computer emulator REEEEEEE

  20. Identity V partidas top magician

    That hunter is so bad….

  21. lemoncxes_

    how did u get the skin?

  22. Jinerous

    I do this while also being Doctor. My team was able to decode. The hunter actually gave up on trying to catch me lol xD.

  23. Gura Shrimp

    What a liar u playing on emulator u can see a mouse thingy when he opens the chest in 2:34

  24. Lady Die

    hunter : done asf
    doctor : bro, u ok?

  25. Ksenija Kasalo

    Ever got Double Teamed in 2v8? Thats far worse than camping.

  26. Princess Skystar

    Lol 😈😈😈

    Like a Boss Danceing with the hunter

    Hunter: Come here you little Girl

    Doctor: Catch me if you can

    Hunter left the Game
    Doctor: Lol

    That will be Funny😋😂
    And also when i played Rank/classic the hunter always camping beside the Survivor and i always Report the hunters when they are camping

  27. NoX

    Hunter with 67 of persona, even my grandmother does this

  28. Amy hou

    This doctor very stupid the

  29. Farhad Ibrahim

    What fuck

  30. lance agustin

    what phone do you have and the brand

  31. joker gaming 888

    This game is was good

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