Identity V Gameplay English Version — Hunter and Survivor Matches — Mobile

The English Version just came out today, here are some of my matches.
I had some fun playing both sides. I can’t wait for the other Hunters XD! — Asymmetrical 1v4 — Mobile — Creepy — Multiplayer

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  1. Nightmare

    At least give him 2 claws so it is not a so obvious freddy krueger copy paste 😂

  2. Ong's Jukebox

    So…basically cartoonish friday the 13th game?

  3. RoseGoldOreoWolf _

    So purrty I love dis game

  4. Luna Gryn

    Yeah sorry I don't support theft. Fuck these Chinese companies.

  5. RoseGoldOreoWolf _

    I think they shoul add perks where you can see people with a heartbeat to go and protect them fromthe hunter and like knock him out or put a heartbeat on the players tag

  6. Zyaj Pubgm

    This game is so much fun!!

  7. eXo

    PC version please :D

  8. Raeyo DoesStuff

    this is actually so bad, the hunter also has 3rd person perspective and a wider view. how the hell will survivors even win lmfao

  9. f u

    Does anybody have the problem you cant switch to another character always puts you the default……and yes i have chosen different characters but when it loads in game match its not the survivor i choose

  10. CrystalEmbrace

    I wanted to make a comment about DBD but this was such a fun experience it makes me want to play ^^ although I can say with certainty that the skill check feature would kill me nine times out of ten :D my biggest problem while playing dead by daylight well that and the no lifes still playing made it hell to even get started ~^~

  11. paku

    hi can you do a top 10 online mmorpg for 2018?

  12. ai i

    Looks like a stylized Friday the 13th the game. 😐

  13. Namida

    wtf did they censor the woman voice when they struggle escaping??

  14. Razor1815

    Really loving it! But servers are kinda instable sometime, hope they'll improve :)

  15. ericzada

    make a video showing the talents and goals of each character, please

  16. MrHustler

    Dead by Daylight Ripoff But I like what I see!

  17. MrHustler

    I do have to say I love how cute they all are!

  18. Nathaniel Owusu

    20:40 wow you made me believe that escaping is possible, I thought that when the Hunter starts chasing you, that's it you done for.

    GG Well played 👍

  19. MommaLily

    Totally Dead by Daylight ~ Cartoon version, seems like the catcher is a bit too op.

  20. TsuyuhaChan

    Omg Tim Burton world and Coraline mix up °w°

  21. Noid Mitarashi

    Please do more of these! These are amazing matches. ♥

  22. futebol tube

    Eu baixei o game eu gostei é top!

  23. Christian Parta

    It would help if Identity V Youtubers would help spread this video so that all naysayers start shutting up. "Message from Dead By Daylight Team" —>


    You are good at this👏🏻

  25. alight Preset

    its game make me hearth attack

  26. arashii


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