Icarus Online World Boss Gameplay Air Battle

This area kind of reminds me of Aions area, it’s a big open map with a lot of islands. The boss did some kind of AoE attack and I exploded. Will write a detailed review on Monday, enjoy the early video releases for now.

Developer: WeMade Entertainment
Publisher: WeMade Entertainment
Game Site: http://icarus.wemade.com

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  1. Solace

    Wow Step, you must be REALLY enjoying Icarus cause that's all you've been posting lately xD

  2. Setonex

    Boss just stands….booom instakill, is he stationary always?

  3. Azeew

    LOL, anything like Shadow of the Colossus would be awesome.. but implementing that into an MMO is almost impossible.

  4. ichigo aqui

    Steparu please teach how to download this game has no problem if it was Korean teaches more please

  5. TheSirSadler

    Korea has all the best MMO's -_________-

  6. Vidar Wolfheim

    learn korean ftw?

  7. BlackThornGreed

    khm…CLONdaik of mmo lol.

  8. TekkenPlayer4Life

    I just watched a Steparu on a flying pony get Zapped to death! D:

  9. Setonex

    I would tottaly play it with ther will be battle system like in Shadow of Colossus!

  10. Razatiger Ault

    all the sound effects are the same as wow its kinda gay

  11. SimbaXp

    i guess this game will take over a year to come to NA

  12. Arthran

    Would be nice if they could show the giant corpse of the boss falling from the sky and hitting the ground or ocean.

  13. Александр Кубарский

    How did u register on Icarus site???

  14. Radotask TV

    no can deny that this game is a TERA clone , with a mix of blade and soul , and their own little touch of mount aerial combat  ( and maybe other things ) but because of that this game will be a big hit , if they don't get  a law suit on their hands before they release the game …

  15. Nazareth

    some of the soundfiles sounds like that from WoW, I hope icarus isn't a clone of forsaken world(which took many soundfiles from wow), the game looks really nice and is quite possibly the first of it's kind(flying mounted combat)

  16. randomskillz01

    Really, You call this flying combat? It's just like any other world bosses except this one just floats in mid air and doesn't actually move or dodge anything.

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