Icarus Online Newbie Questing with Sorcerer

The kind of quests you will encounter during your low level experience.

Developer: WeMade Entertainment
Publisher: WeMade Entertainment
Game Site: http://icarus.wemade.com

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  1. rlifeh

    جرافيكس اللعبة جيّد، مشاهدتي لمقاطع هذه اللعبة، ذكرني بلعبة
    Blade & Soul
    ad XD

  2. Canibuz

    only human race?

  3. tdog1558

    Korean games are so much better than NA games (seen other gameplay of this game fuken taming dragons)

  4. tdog1558

    Lol this is low lvl combat and Ive seen much more than just taming

  5. tdog1558

    Also all the graphics on Korean games are awesome

  6. Shilofax

    While looking at the map at the top left, it looks a bit like all of the areas are "paths" like early level Aion. Unlike a game where it's just a large region. Is this correct?

  7. LostMyFinger

    what video capturer are you using

  8. Keeper Filmz

    This game looks really great. The animations look fluent and with no skip between them.

  9. Fiddlestickz1

    How nice of her to flash her panties with every step, fanservice right there!

  10. rcarvalho93

    could you plz teach us how to create an account? i just need a south korean number :/
    plz help us.

  11. iMoxy Gaming

    another WoW.

  12. Chen [Yakumo]

    Is this game open world, or does it use instanced areas?

  13. rlifeh

    معك حق

  14. Gumi Park

    Geez…that lazy bastard couldn't go 20 feet to get some water and put those fires out? What a jerk!

  15. Defeatenonce

    wich means instanced areas

  16. diode303

    Mmm, I dunno. Rendering tech in games has plateud somewhat over the last 5 years or so (I blame consoles!). You can do a lot these days even with older engines. Aion still looks fairly decent, and that's running on the first gen CryEngine which is what… 7 years old now?

  17. tubejorrit

    Most of the animations looks like Tera, wish this game was also mouse target instead of tab-target.

  18. OrbiTiZZeD


  19. Keeper Filmz

    O.o PANTSU!!

  20. Kai Matsumoto

    Looks really good, I really like the water o3o

  21. X Kobe

    Steparu are you Korean?

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