Icarus Online Monster Invasion Super Sized Dragons GM Event 1080p HD Part 2

Today is the last day of the first Closed Beta Test and the GM was going crazy with the summons, this is 2nd part. I will be uploading Part 1 shortly. Look forward for my upcoming in depth review on Steparu.com soon! Subscribe!

Developer: WeMade Entertainment
Publisher: WeMade Entertainment
Game Site: http://icarus.wemade.com

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Комментариев: 10
  1. Tora

    More amazing to play while flying…. :) apparently

  2. Solace

    Gotta love when GMs mass spawn mobs :p

  3. Cha SlS

    Would be nice if you could tame those

  4. supermarioz5

    i'm surprised there's no lag with all the shit on the screen.

  5. Captain Space Doomer

    Steparu, could I steal your computer specs?

  6. Jeremiah S

    Someone was riding a skeleton dragon during the vid, of course it's scaled down, but it's there.

  7. Zoeyinterface

    can i play this game on europe????????

  8. ZeroLife

    CryEngine3? But to be honest, I expect destructible environment and proper object clipping.

  9. Dak rite

    its an mmo.

  10. zoey

    when this game will come out ?????????

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