Icarus Online Monster Invasion Gameplay Aerial and Ground Battles GM Event Part 1

Icarus Online 2 Page Review!

Developer: WeMade Entertainment
Publisher: WeMade Entertainment
Game Site: http://icarus.wemade.com

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  1. Felt Anime Piano

    wow mmo these days…

  2. Keeper Filmz

    I'm so jealous that Step gets to play these lol I've been waiting for Blade and Soul ever since it was first announced that it was in closed beta in Korea, but so far, they haven't said anything about it. I'm now playing Neverwinter and hoping that games like this and Blessed, come out very soon next year.

  3. Geno Cide

    Attack on Titan!

  4. GBO2 gameplays

    hows the controls? does it feel awkward when flying and attacking at the same time?
    this actually looks good..

  5. OrbiTiZZeD

    thank you Steparu for introducing me to all these awesome games i never knew existed. im a big fan of Aion and Tera so these are getting me pumped up!

  6. kyotheman101

    seriously? guess one their own… Aion mmo with wing was boring as hell i knew it go free to play from start it launch, Tera great combat terrible in everything else, dungeons, quests, etc. Looks exactly like Tera im not going bother.

  7. kyotheman101

    Looks like gender lock wow fail, this like step back from Tera online.

  8. VonVoltaire

    Shame it isn't gender lock.
    Trolling mate?

  9. Moe

    looks legit for a free to play game .

  10. IZIK

    Is this game free to play and is it coming to the U.S.A?

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