Icarus Online Gameplay Taming Dragon and Aerial Battles 1080p HD

I beat the Beta. Tamed a Red and Blue Dragon along with a giant chicken. Now only if I can find where that Bone Dragon is hiding. :(

Developer: WeMade Entertainment
Publisher: WeMade Entertainment
Game Site: http://icarus.wemade.com

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  1. Slavonic

    can you play this in the us


    I need to play to game -..-* but i can't to play. enough have servers us?

  3. NazzyDragon

    ….Holy shit. Plans for english release?!

  4. MrMavelMan fh

    is this game inbeta in europe

  5. zoey

    can u play this on EU ???

  6. GoldenAfrican

    HOLYSHIT avatar

  7. ChoJun

    this shit look like Dragons prophet father.. Can ppl create acc to play from EU, or it got IP block?

  8. Manamune anada

    This is really just an upgraded dragons prophet which was good

  9. granknight

    do they have giant turkey's ? 

  10. Georgi Vasilev

    i have one question can i change the game to english

  11. eener9lilly

    looks more like a pheoinix

  12. eener9lilly

    what is the game

  13. Christian

    Air fight ♥

  14. Ricky

    is there no english version of this game? or they're making it?

  15. One

    Looks better than Elder Scroll Online.

  16. BasicallyTiktok

    Koreans make the best MMORPG's while the West only makes shitty RPG's that aren't even worth playing,wish I was born in Asia T^T

  17. Phatman

    have you played dragon's prophet if you did pplease can you make a video on your stand point of the both games please tht would be great 

  18. Vikram Sehgal

    Anyone please tell me where to learn Korean?

  19. Bluevariation

    relase of icarus online?

  20. Camissa Miller

    Everything about the dragons in this game is so much better than DP. Jut saying…

  21. I M

    using little boys voices on female chars ;p wonder where this game is going to.
    based only on this it will fail already if it ever hits eu market and done the same awfull way. just because it says cheap and sloppy all over.

  22. Storm

    Okay this game is combination between Tera for character appearances and movements (walking, running etc), Dragon's Prophet (for the Dragons part) and Aion chain combat… like do this skill then hit 'Q' to hit with the next possible skill in chain… which can be used only after you used the first skill and so on… 

  23. Angel FrostHeart

    Is this in English to? Like do you have a choice of what language and can you play with other people?

  24. 💋


  25. Crosstongue

    Woah the mount also attacks?

  26. Ash U

    It looks kind of boring. :/
    It's so slow paced. I was expecting Panzer Dragoon type of flights where you race through canyons, but you can also stop and some mid air dragon battles. This is like WoW clickity click but in the air.

  27. MegaPocketMon

    Currently playing Blade and Soul a lot. Dunno if this is worth switching though. Not because it looks bad but because I feel like the game may be trying to do a lot at once…and since Nexon is publishing it, I'm not confident the free2play aspect will be as good as Blade and Soul's.

  28. Cokolate

    this looks better than dragon prophet online

  29. Diego Zavala Mayen

    nice nice but wich is the systema combat? is action combat as neverwinter or tera?

  30. francesmolly

    how do you get this game? do you download it or something

  31. TheXGCTv aka The Architect

    I need to find Agnas The Red excact location in Guardians Gate area, tried going 399m up farming him but no where to be found, and I even channel hopped? I play for NA in closed beta.

  32. anikanbounty97

    hope this game will replace the sadness of my dragon loss from dp na

  33. Dalvyn The Drunk


    warcraft sounds -__________________________________________________________________________-

  34. Wolf-fighter

    is this another wow copy shit or do you need to actualy aim and not just hit the buttoms?

  35. Cesar Lagunas

    People are really hating this game this shit looks fucking good

  36. Red01

    Is the combat static or can you move while attacking?

  37. Frimbertrips

    Looking forward to enjoying this game in my spare time. thanks for the footage. :D

  38. Arkey

    Its just coming out for NA in 2016?

  39. Develon

    this game has so many world of warcraft sounds in it

  40. Matahari

    I just tamed my 1st dragon at the place where you are, it was scary but fun meteors shooting down on me and droping my HP to 20% but force was strong and I did it. this game is wicked.

  41. KötoMisädventures

    where did you find these dragons? in what part of what region?

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