Icarus Online Flying to a Village and Tour Gameplay

Just a traveling tour flying in to small village in the game, then flying out.

Developer: WeMade Entertainment
Publisher: WeMade Entertainment
Game Site: http://icarus.wemade.com

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  1. 86Corvus

    holy healing spell landing on you from wow yes. its thesame sound. music isnt thesame at all

  2. 86Corvus

    also when she changes in air it sounds exactly like priests smite.

  3. Bestbad

    everything sounds like WoW

  4. NãoValeBujas

    The mount changing sound is the good old generic wusshhhh XD.

    The music, it's VERY similar to the wow's invincible (lich king's mount) music, at least the beginning part.

    That's not a bad thing. That music is amazing.

    This game looks very good and cool.

  5. Dylan Helvetios

    Why we can't ride dragon in GW2 :(

  6. AceOf Spaydes

    Its like copy-paste >.<

  7. CGDavis

    does this game have a pk system? It'd sure suck if some dude on a dragon flew over and nuked yer ass with a big firey breath bomb…

  8. Ming Le

    Hope they re-do the UI.

  9. Friyán

    something remember me to aion :o

  10. Klaydo Gaming

    is this CBT in kr? how do i get to CBT? i wanna try the game :)

  11. Joey Knight

    Who GIVES a shit if it sounds like WoW?!

  12. Gw2instructional

    hurry and get to na =[

  13. lindvior

    Any idea if NA will see this game?

  14. Jay

    yes it will, next year

  15. Joey Knight

    And you know this… How? Source?

  16. Manga Teaching

    Do u get these mounts for free like u have to do quests to get them?

  17. Camissa Miller

    How did you sign up for this game? I tried, but do not have a Korean phone carrier, nor do I want to give up my social security number…

  18. Cynfull

    Steparu- id like to ask you, how you manage to get the privileged to play these marvelous games.

  19. carbfish

    must be the same who made aion.. VERY simulair..

  20. carbfish

    does any 1 really know how to sign up and download this game ??

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