Icarus Online Flying Around and Exploring 1080p

Flying around! Waaahoooo~

Developer: WeMade Entertainment
Publisher: WeMade Entertainment
Game Site: http://icarus.wemade.com

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  1. sargso

    It is F2P right now?

  2. powerfight5

    The dragon, its animations, and the camera angle while fighting all make it look really nice. Do you know if there's a damage reduction for fighting ground monsters while you're air-born, like Perfect World?

  3. 86Corvus

    well, im nto sold. i mean only new thing about this game is that you can atack off a mount. but its not because it was unatainable that other games did not do it, they did not do it because its boring. mobs canot catch up to you canot hit you you just grind them with no challenge. the other thing is that the sound of flappign wings gets anoying very fast and i canot imagine hearing it all the time. Theres a reason to flying mounts dont make a sound most of the time in wow.

  4. 86Corvus

    well they do make a sound but its so very quiet you dont hear it, in icarus it blasts over the music

  5. Neta Wasserman

    Did I see a herd of unicorns down below? O_o

  6. Jove89

    This is really looking like a TERA copy with the exception of areal fighting… Is it worth it? Or if someone played TERA and B&S this won't really bring anything new to the table…

  7. Dianna Tagaban

    Oh God that tree…! x_x

  8. powerfight5

    Ah okay, so there's a limit to how long you can be in aerial combat. I'll read more up on it from your website when you've written it then.

  9. Mike The Gamer

    so why is the edge of the screen flashing red?

  10. Hao Ren


  11. patrick escueta

    now.. what is dragon prophet?.. :)

  12. Grimnir

    coul you please tell me what textures are i dont understand mmo terms to well

  13. Hiromu656

    I was kinda expecting more aerial combat versus another aerial enemy. Will you fight airborne enemies, or is that just pvp?

  14. Dragoon-BB

    wait this isn't dragon's prophet? Dang man then this game is probaly way better then I thought. XD

  15. NinUchiha

    I'm guessing this question was for Joe, but I will try to explain. I haven't played to many MMO, but texture is the quality and detail of everything, the ground,clouds,clothing ect. This is just my guess I'm not sure if I've explain it right, but yeah.

  16. DarkCrimsonKnight

    Is there fall damage?

  17. mike Guz

    OMG i want this game

  18. Meleagru

    Holy fuck!

  19. digbick

    That is one beautifully textured dragon

  20. Adam Kir

    Optimize a goddamn tree! Horrible FPS drop

  21. Joey Knight

    So, someone help me out really quick. This game is in CBT in SK right?? which basically means, its going to be about… 2014-2015+ before its in NA?

  22. Elemental_Phoenix

    so, there's Icarus Online and then Guns of Icarus Online? Hm.

  23. KrazyKanzo

    Can you customize the mounts in any way?

  24. Devilrose

    Game doesnt look smooth and step had a titan video card. Hopefully it will be more optimized upon release, also some of the objects textures, assets doesn't load quickly you need to be close to them before they show up lol.

  25. John Felix

    Skyrim is better.

  26. Camissa Miller

    The flight animation is gorgeous!!! Best I have seen yet! I might just have to get this game…

  27. Kulon Sobisk

    Why do asian countries get all the good games?

  28. MrChibirobo11

    Anybody got an idea when this will be released in US/EU ?

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