Icarus Online First Solo Instanced Dungeon Closed Beta Test

Killing Ghosts & Stuff. Will post mounted air and ground combat tomorrow if I get high level enough, these low level stuff doesn’t seem that interesting. Servers are down now off to bed.

Developer: WeMade Entertainment
Publisher: WeMade Entertainment
Game Site: http://icarus.wemade.com

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  1. Dark Wish

    I allways get excited when i see game site is dot com… unfortunately for me T_T.
    Are western markets even trying? Everything seems to be in asia.

  2. ThisAlbino

    being a westerner is hell

  3. Naim Haroro


  4. sargso

    THIS IS F2P?

  5. Maverick Lin


  6. 제스터메이헴

    correction: Everything seems to be in China. Theres an ongoing joke in Korea right now, and that is: Release test servers in Korea, Release full game in China. Its the only way the companies will survive, sad but true D: since most are catering towards mobile. Being a westerner isn't hell, living in Korea is hell. Koreans have ruined the Korean market for themselves. One fine example is people still playing 10 year old MMOs and not even remotely giving newer ones a chance.

  7. 제스터메이헴

    as for me, I'm looking forward to Dungeon Strikers going open beta this 15th!

  8. Emunk Danoti

    BnS or Icarus ?? steph??

  9. Andrew McGarden

    steparu, can you tell me some good action combat mmos, with only skill lvling ( no lvl cap ). Thank you ^^

  10. JZ-/nuff sed

    these sounds are annoying tho.

  11. Nerobot

    The cursor should disappear when you move the camera.

  12. aoepanda1980

    Aion,dragon prophet,tera,blade and soul mix into one game.

  13. Valkeir

    Gorgeous looking :)

  14. digbick

    The only thing this game has going for it is the flight and mounted combat. Other than that, this video doesn't demonstrate anything to look forward to.

  15. PangyaGamer

    it looks….okay.. ish.
    what do you think steparu? ;3;

  16. Joe Mladic

    Is this action mmo?

  17. Fuujin Raijin

    being a south east asianer is heller

  18. v

    …I'm just gonna sit here and cry.

  19. mike Guz

    i know right @[email protected]

  20. Spleebo

    he stands there and dies. he's 24/7 stunned, what should he do?

  21. Piotrek c

    icarus Online looks like TERA 2 -.- ?

  22. Rodrigo Mello

    Katarina o_O

  23. 1980sBoy

    Yes, from what I gather, the games are so good over there because they may not live long enough to play them.

  24. Rekham

    game looks fun , I like the combat style ….

  25. MrMilkyCoco

    is the combat like tera online?

  26. eNd30ty

    damn.. your character looks alike Erza Scarlet from FT.. :)

  27. Lukitas Ochi

    donde lo puedo descargar.?

  28. MrMilkyCoco

    well in the US yes hahaha in korea tera online is still one of the most played mmos >_<

  29. MrMilkyCoco

    honestly I only seem to enjoy an mmo if it allows me to use dual guns/ dual swords with a sexy female >_<

  30. MrMilkyCoco

    btw how do you play like that I still have a hard time using numbers as a form of attacking I like using my mouse to attack >_<

  31. kurogane2x

    I'm from asia and even I can't play these games :| most of them are only available in South korea, china and Japan. We're lucky if a game have an international server.

  32. kurogane2x

    Hopefully they make an Internation server. Our country is always left out in these kinds of QUALITY games. Well our players really have rude attitudes and ALOT of trashtalkers and stupid kid players. Just warning you :) (Many Pinoys are like this). This is why people around the world hate some pinoy gamers.

  33. Nightwolfy

    Uhh, isnt the voice from Blade and Soul? The announcer person. 1.12

  34. DCMA

    try to be a south american, had to learn a whole new language, wait untill it launches in NA, play with massive lag and ping, and always pray to the companies not to IP block us ¬¬''

  35. Tenking

    When is it coming out in north america!!

  36. TFLAT'S Tech Games and More

    Screw this…
    I'm learning to Read, Write, and Speak Chinese.

  37. Radotask TV

    TERA  clone !!!!!!

  38. Overclocked Tera

    wohl kaum nen tera clone^^ zumal das game anscheinend über das auto/tab target system läuft und net wie bei tera ;) und grafisch und gameplay mässig erinnert mich das ganze mehr an bns.

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