Icarus Online First Look Character Customization Female HD 1080p

Beta just started thought I would share customization just because I am fast with releases. :3 Pretty good for 1st Closed Beta IMO. Presets have a lot of unique looking faces and lots of sliders, you can’t go wrong with sliders!

Developer: WeMade Entertainment
Publisher: WeMade Entertainment
Game Site: http://icarus.wemade.com

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  1. Kaoru Sugimura

    looks like they could have used a better texture pack on the characters but i do love the eyes and level of detail there just wish they put more into the armor quality because i love to get up close to the armors and fine details make a difference X.x oh well good gameplay always wins me over so heres to no sleep for the next 3yrs seeing as i already play other mmos xD

  2. Fox Box

    Those faces are so nice.

  3. Salty

    typical korean artist face o.O 0:17

  4. sigel81

    i would've pick that face too. we have same taste.

  5. Sina Serati

    Love the boob slider.

  6. Spleebo


  7. Dramacar


  8. Giannis Papadopoulos

    the best female char I have seen in MMO. Is it going to be a Europe release?

  9. Shadzin

    8:15. Might as well save you guys the trouble of having to sit it all out.

  10. Edushian

    Steparu this is cruel….i like all the games u show…and i can't play at least 1! u_u damn languaje barrier…(im from the forgotten South America)

  11. Jorge Mejia

    not to be a pervert but this characters have nice cleavage :) lol

  12. Nomster Sama

    Best character custumisation ever, at least in my opinion. It beats even blade&soul.

  13. Proximus

    Holy christ, the arms are small

  14. Xela Shade

    your character is pretty ^-^

  15. Girls_Und_Pantsu

    They should have custom charaters like this in Bungie Destiny^_^

  16. Danny Troup

    can you change the language to english please i would love to understand what the words are?!

  17. phoenixbluex

    lol we made entertainment

  18. Alex White

    Very pretty but it looks almost identical to the Aion character creation module (and the same art style)

  19. GoldenAfrican

    wow the art has won me over…………….AND THE MOUNT TAMING. GUSH I CANT WAIT TO pull a navi avatar jump stunt

  20. FuzzyBstrd

    America… y u no have this right meow must I move to Korea and learn the language???

  21. Girlee Lee

    Is this Japanese game??? I want an English one! D:

  22. Squirrelsquisher

    Looks to have the same flaw as Aion, no AA.

  23. Camissa Miller

    Icarus is coming to UK and NA in 2015.

  24. TesGon

    Can anyone explain how to create account on Korean server if thats possible at all! Is this game already in OBT? Nice videos anyways


    Excellent graphics but the hair could have been made to not go through the character's clothes

  26. Данил Петченко

    Привет из России


    Привет из Украины)

  28. Blazing heart


  29. AkriasGaming

    Wow, this is so beautiful * . *

  30. Kon Hiro

    How to register & download?

  31. vidolitas

    where can I download this game?

  32. thangQanime

    Not bad. Black Desert online customization makes every other mmo's look like shit though. 

    It set the bar too damn high! lol 

  33. Sphase

    I'm.. going to play this game..

  34. TheRyumancer

    The character customization for this game seems similar to Dragon's Dogma.

  35. Habib Haji

    Thanks for uploading! ^.^

  36. samonte banks

    they need to add more texture features to customization along with a few other thing like gloss and hair style choices

  37. Jana Str

    fking love korea! they make the best video games hands down, if it come from korea its pure fking gold

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