Hyper Universe (KR) 4v4 Jennifer Short Gameplay

Just practicing some HU in preparation for the 2.0 Update.
The PUB Red player was in total Sync w/ me! Fun match XD.
http://hyperuniverse.nexon.net/en — English Site

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Комментариев: 20
  1. Esper

    Wow. I had no idea this game was up for testing; Seems like I'm too late now. Oh well, I suppose I'll join later during the Beta. Thanks for the uploads, Step.

  2. Seungsation

    Hi Steparu.

  3. BygPhattyPlus

    I LOVE how she moves between floors!

  4. Chris

    One of the most unique mobas out there besides Awesomenauts. I'm glad that the devs decided to differentiate themselves among the many DotA and LoL copies.

  5. Science Leponi

    Hmms I should test out if it supports 21:9. I'll edit this comment once I re-download, As I know many of you's lot moved onto ultrawide.

  6. Arthur C.

    She seems pretty strong.

  7. iGottaReactToThat

    i played that game it was lit

  8. mother's milk

    how many languages do you speak/read? lots of variety in the Asian games you play :p

  9. June Carl Guay

    That thumbnail of hers… looks like one of Butcha-U's works.

  10. NooB Bros

    if i wanna play this in kr i need to buy nexon account right?

  11. CanduGame

    are u feel delay too in KR ?

  12. 7down bo

    power rangers is there ? damn i want it

  13. Jan Susanto

    Still waiting patiently for eng server, cant wait to play as power rangers lol

  14. TheOldOne

    This game rocks… cant wait to play it

  15. WheeniePoppu

    I'm guessing you weren't in the closed alpha step? Would've loved to play with ya.

  16. Ozzmand

    So its a beat em up moba thing…. interesting even the playable characters are freaking awesome

  17. Dale Franklin

    Tried GoddessKiss yet?

  18. 阿隆RYU

    i'm very interested on this game but they have country block and Phone certification ..
    RIP SEA/ASIA player.
    does Hyper Universe KR need Phone certification ?

  19. YoraiDragon

    Hey Step, long time no see! Btw, I played the Alpha, and it was awesome. Just wondering though, is there a link to 2.0 changes? Can't seem to find one.

  20. 쿰척한쿰척이

    nice play. i like this video

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