Hyper Universe English Version Alpha Test This Week

They’ve already sent some keys out and sending more daily.
There is an NDA for the English test, maybe it’s the 2.0 version?

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Комментариев: 21
  1. yoko yokome

    if you don't mind can you can you show all the heroes and they skins plz

  2. DomoHenry

    I give this game at least 1 year in the hands of NA Nexon.

  3. Hristo Atanasov

    Well finally something dope going in english

  4. kuji

    hopefully i get a code. i remember signing up one a couple years ago.

  5. XUS96

    i have a alpha key, but… we can't record or stream anything. it's private.

  6. Science Leponi

    I don't see the point of NDAing already released stuff…

  7. groundhouse

    PS or XBOX Gamepad compatible ?

  8. CrystalEmbrace

    friggin signed up twice yo XD thanks for the post this looks awesome

  9. AngryJones

    I'm just the onlyone that registered ages ago and dont receive a CODE, WTF?

  10. Chocobo Chick

    I really really really like this game

    My favorite is Yuna? I think that's her name

    The one with the blue hair and the white suit

  11. 123123123123 123123123123

    inb4 feminists destroy this game

  12. Duc Tran

    hopefully it won't get censored

  13. Kagura Lion

    i wanna play so bad

  14. Miyomi

    How much ram do u need for this

  15. Young Ake

    When is MapleStory 2 EN test server?

  16. Cleveland Smith

    I got a key uay

  17. WatchGintama

    hyped for tomorrow

  18. Boods and Stigs

    Just played it, not really into MOBAs but this is a lot of fun.

  19. Baby Tonfa

    I got a key and I like playing pink


    Wait a minute .. did i see a skeletor [email protected]@@!!!!!

  21. lady milady

    ♥ i must get this GAME

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