Hyper Universe Asura — New Character and Map Short Gameplay

The new map is Domination Point Control and more PvP based.
New guy is OP. He has bleeding, dashes, blink strike, omnislash, etc.
http://hyperuniverse.nexon.net/ EN — http://hu.nexon.com/ KR

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Комментариев: 15
  1. Shaolan

    Raiden is that you!

  2. Young Hentaii

    Ughhhh I want this in NA

  3. calvin castillo

    Is this game balanced?

  4. YoraiDragon

    Reminds me of Master Yi almost :D

  5. ben j4ym4

    can play in ph?

  6. Amir

    Why I don't receive code for game ?

  7. Tuấn Vũ

    Why most of Nexon or Korea game always banned Vietnamses's IP? :'(

  8. Form

    Steparu! Always seem to impress me! NetEase released new mobile MMORPG called DemonSeals try it out. So far it's really impressive graphics and gameplay wise. There is no English version but there is what seems to be Chinese. It's on TapTap!

  9. Rafael Vitor

    Guys, how can I play this?

  10. 阿隆RYU

    are you playing versus bot or player?
    no delay ?

  11. Sunny Trees

    i want Yasuo in this game

  12. Master Race

    I'd be scared af if i saw u xD lol

  13. Talon Voidgeist

    Want this in the american version so bad…

  14. Daffy Duck

    Need this on ps4 sense pc version shutting down and only moba we have is smite sense paragon shut down the demand is there.

  15. Tony DaiEiv

    Im really missing this character for playing

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