Hyper Universe 4v4 PvP Sonya the Crowd Control Queen

New character introducing Sonya the CC Queen. Powerful thicc grabs.
I ended up buying her early to make a preview video XD. Enjoy!
http://hu.nexon.com/ — KR http://hyperuniverse.nexon.net/ — EN

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Комментариев: 21
  1. Sasaki

    A true gapler, the one thing no other moba has given me. hmm..

  2. Rama Hidayat

    are there many player of this game in korea?

  3. Seungsation

    Soundtrack is pretty catchy

  4. Steparu

    English Closed Beta Next Week June 23rd

  5. Thap Panitanarak

    Epic T-bag!! lol

  6. Aingrietz

    Oh hey, its me LOL

  7. M3lagis

    looks like Awesomenauts game, totally same idea… probably not gonna last long like that game too.

  8. Pablo Ávila

    hey i just wanted to know how can you play in the korean servers im stuck on the mobile confirmation XD

  9. Vandis

    Gonna be my new main once she comes out. Any louis gameplay around? hes the boxer guy with the cool hair.

  10. Just your cup of tea

    Those grabs were thiccer than a bowl of grits.

  11. White Ichigo

    Can i download it in europe ?

  12. Aaron Poon

    whats the name of the black girl with the machine gun O__O?

  13. angry cat

    the whole video is " HEE HEE HYAAAAA"

  14. Shank

    the only thing that I dont like in this game is the HUD. It seems like of an generic smartphone game

  15. Kilamkam47

    Is she out yet? because i dont have her in my roster at all.. Na server btw….

  16. BroLy3000

    i have the game on steam but i dont see she on the game , do you know what happen?

  17. warsaint777

    why is this character nor the black commando chick not listed on the official site?

  18. Priest Morrison

    holy AWESOME

  19. gbtygfvyg

    I love a woman who can kick my ass.

  20. Gaming_w_Bix

    Is Sonya not going to be in the Xbox version of the game? I looked for her everywhere in the beta this past weekend, but couldn't find her anywhere. I'm really hoping she makes the cut because she looks BAD ASS!

    Awesome job on these videos btw! I can't stop watching your Hyper Universe collection.

  21. David

    I miss this game so much. I wish I was rich enough to fund its revival. I wish it never died. No game has been able to fill the void that this left.

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