Heroes Showdown Steam Early Access Gameplay

Here is a short gameplay preview of Heroes Showdown. Maybe I should play more to try out the 4v4 team battles~ That first place guy’s team though OP OP I think the top 4 players win the game. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1236390/Heroes_Showdown/

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Комментариев: 34
  1. PikaPhobia


  2. vanthursday

    No views gang xD

  3. R_Anime

    auto chess + thigh =i'm in

  4. 시진

    wow auto chess? im in


    such amazing animations and then i saw its auto chess, was kinda sad cause auto chess isnt my thing :(

  6. Eadrom LoL

    auto chess really?! thats sad

  7. Scorpi O

    Oh for the love of god, autochess is next battleroyale and cards game

  8. Traumatized

    they could've used all that asset for a decent RPG and they chose autochess lmao

  9. Christopher Yako

    Wooooow. I was hyped at first then autochess. Thanks for taking one for the team Steparu. We love you and your content!

  10. Azz-Rushman

    Damn, the names are kinda too simple aren't they?
    Flame, Buddy, Ember, Moment, Bard… Utility Gear, lol.

  11. Komm Susser Tod

    Low iq players malding

  12. KevinHardt

    Sick animations sadly autochess haha xD

  13. Nightmare

    I don't like it lol

  14. Golden Tiramisu

    this is so gay. Alexa, play Astronomia.

    thank you for tanking it for us, your sacrifice won't be in vain.

  15. Art

    Well here comes the disappointment

  16. Lemonzify

    I clicked the clickbait.

  17. Croz Raven

    real time magic fantasy chess?


    Tft is better

  19. poopikins

    Uh what's the point of auto chess?
    All I want is a cool Battle Chess game 😔

  20. André L. Travassos

    Missed your vídeos só much! ❤️

  21. BombaJead

    I didn't understand the gameplay at all. What are you supposed to do? Is there any strategy or such?

  22. Melchiorsmith

    All those awesome characters and sick graphics and cool intros and it's a fucking auto-chess game LOOOOOL

  23. DarkMagician sels

    wtf i thought its some RPG game i was amazed the models and animations the classes looks so fun and then i saw autochess wth xD what a waste of a game

  24. Tora-Ky

    Dota autochess,but low budget

  25. Etniuh

    Long time no see Steparu

  26. Sr DeSilva

    God damn this could or could of been a nice diablo clone with all these character types.

  27. Ferrick

    before seeing the gameplay: ooh the character models and animation look nice, I wonder how it plays like

    after seeing the gameplay: that's…. a shame… guess I'll stick to being hiatus on royal crown until they rebalance or have a new champion

  28. Ruben Sousa

    These games make no sense. Its all rng

  29. WolfKnife

    I thought it is an mmorpg wtf that is trash one of autochess

  30. Ceon Rodriguez

    all those graphics for an autochess. wtf

  31. nothing

    Creative Continue ♥♥

  32. ludrah01

    I'm not into auto chess but might try this, graphics too good…

  33. TheTrueElo

    Looked amazing until I found out It was auto chess, how disappointing

  34. zaph

    oh wow that escalated in a different direction lol

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