GunZ 2 Online Ranked Team Death Match CBT2

GunZ 2 Online Mini Review!

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  1. Jaceaceman

    It's what redefined a genre of skill cap. Sorry you're not good.

  2. Malik b0ss

    You're completelly right dude, game doesn't need it. But it MADE Gunz 1 much better of a game, it put it into a league of it's own.

    Gunz 2 is just a simple clone of TF2 or MNC. It NEEDS a little something extra.

  3. Malik b0ss

    You probably haven't even played gunz lmao. The fact that you're implying E-style is even VIABLE as apposed to hugging walls and normal movements if you don't wish to k-style, is laughable.
    In short, the intended gameplay style of Gunz 1 was just that, laughable.
    There's a reason they brought back kstyle to KR gunz after they patched it…

    If you don't understand why, guess I should spell it out. It made the game WAY better, MORE fun, MORE skill based, MORE unique. Yes, you probably just suck

  4. Malik b0ss

    Well I'm gonna stop arguing now since there's no hope. Clearly you were one of the bads that got rofl-stomped since they refused to get good at the game.

    And please try to understand this, animation cancels DEFINED GUNZ ONLINE. That is all.

  5. Malik b0ss

    And they brought back Kstyle after the patch because the MAJORITY of the player base believed it made it a better game. The game Devs also agreed on this.

  6. Quantum Break

    this game is good but whats happening with the dev? is this over they didnt got funds?

  7. exNinja SP

    junk game without ks without the dash speed without shotgun efficient … only noob sprayers everywhere.

  8. JackHerer5

    Shh. Gunz was K-style it defined game everyone knows it. Thanks to this "glitch" you could always be better, you could always do something difrent way and it definitly required skill since k-style was never easy. Gunz2 seems to be much better "shooter" than G1 but hope theres something that there will be too way to learn something that will define your skill. Everyone can shot but not everyone can be good. You just sucked thats why you hate on kstyle :)

  9. LrdAlucard Artist

    Flip a person 10x until it bugs, and fall flat on the ground open for a pb shoot is skill?
    As a old gunz player and a K-styler with pride, thats only bug abuse! There is no such thign as SKILL in that!

  10. acidlol

    pft, casuals.

  11. Joshua Martin

    Dashing with guns out? Terrible mistake~

  12. Fatal Existence

    i love u ;x

  13. Fatal Existence

    6- 7 years of gunz didn't get it and i played it a long time. But to each his own baby edward

  14. Celedan

    So games should be played really slow so that anyone can master it in 5 min?

  15. Truong Koi

    BF? DBF? TBF???? ,plzz

  16. Ainaras12345

    K-style was the best thing what could happen to this game….

  17. Anuri

    You already have ten thousand slow easy-to-master games to chose from. Let us at least dream of a game where skill and only skill matters.

  18. joevader

    Wow this game looks like shit, RIP GunZ

  19. BlacKSye

    GunZ wasn't about skill, aim alone beat everything . It's the same with all shooters without a means of defense and OP weapons like revs and shotty. This game takes skill if you try it.

  20. supposetobenick

    Where it BF , DBF,, insta fall ,insta gun….? here i can see only shooting… sword to gun to sword to gun skill combos

  21. supposetobenick

    I totally agree it BF/DBF instafall/gun what made the game… and the hard bosses in coop vs AI

  22. supposetobenick

    here looks more like what is called sprayer noob … just walk and spam the uzis/rifle

  23. justin lekwuwa

    this is kinda better than GunZ 1

  24. Stephenson Sy

    Agree. Seems most K-stylers have this elitist feeling. If you don't know how to K-style, you suck, or you're a noob.

    That's always the impression of K-stylers to non K-stylers but they still die at the hands of non K-stylers (one way or another) so what does that make them?

  25. Stephenson Sy

    Please sir have my like from non K-styler to a K-styler

  26. Paulo Samanez


  27. Paulo Samanez

    something it wont exist on gunz 2:

  28. Il Cielo

    Looks kinda boring without the kstyling. gunz was fun because of the insane movements. This… is slow by conparison.

  29. FreedomNoKitai

    I really like more GunZ 1. I didn't play this but this, in my opinion, don't look that good that the first GunZ. I don't even care the graphics. ."

  30. sosotro1

    Gunz 2 is sucks . Gunz is a lot better.

  31. CroSsXout

    maiet still are a bunch of idiots. No Kstyle=No money from me

  32. Zero-G-Worx

    I really don't understand why people are bitching and complaining "ohh why isn't there still glitch mechanics….this game sucks…" Honestly if you took the same effort you're putting into complaining and redirected into getting better in this game, then maybe you wouldn't be complaining. When you complain about a game not being like the original, all it shows is that your ability to adapt and adjust is poor…you do realize that in the REAL world in a JOB…you have to adjust and adapt to different situations very quickly without a word unless you wanna get on your boss's bad side. So please stop complaining about this game…If you don't like it then don't play, watch it, or anything pertaining to it…all you're doing is annoying yourself and other people.

  33. fine

    No K-Style in this one? I think I'll give it a try then.
    Honestly, this is the thing that made me dislike the first GunZ. Yes, I know many people liked exactly that, but I liked the game a whole lot better on lower level servers where you didn't see much k-style.

    I hated getting those stupid button combinations and the right timing burnt in my brain for weeks on end, just so I could take on other people who were glitching all over the place.

  34. andy clarke

    soooo many sprayer noobs

  35. Safwan Hiqmi

    is that RAN suit lv190 ? o.O

  36. Renav21


  37. Details

    r.i.p. k style. well not playn this.

  38. Raily

    Just noob

  39. Mike James

    this game is dead….Rip

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