GunZ 2 Online Final Raid Boss Giant Mecha

GunZ 2 Online Mini Review!

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  1. Tommy J

    actually i could do k-style but the thing is if you hate gunz 2 so much then why the fk do i know youll try it when it comes out and why are you watching the fken video? point prooven so stfu and go play a ps if you dont like it bitch

  2. Na No

    0 gunz 1 elements.. this is a different game. why is it even called gunz 2? that's a shame.

  3. Na No

    Instead of GunZ 2 this should be called GunZ 0

  4. Tommy J

    actually call of duty is shit thats for trash like you i only play games that are skill based like all points bulletin: reloaded

  5. Volkan Oz

    yea i was too noob to handle kstyle but still the game will be worthless without it :P

  6. Mi Za

    Well, developers are following the money. Gunz with K-style had a steep learning curve for new players, who found themselves kicked from rooms before they got a chance to play. Really, matchmaking service would have been better than taking out K-style. Maybe even adding in Tutorial challenges that rewarded you for performing K-style moves properly as new players practised.
    Did the new game engine make it hard to implement K-style exactly so they just decided to make pseudo K-style in the sequel?

  7. Madara Uchiha

    Like Silo Quieres Jugar en Be De Verlo x"D Yo sii

  8. Craig Noga

    there is k-style in the game

  9. Andrea Balocco

    When this will be released for EU? :(

  10. Potsun

    suck it up.

  11. Leonardo Wander

    U mad, k-stylers? your tears are delicious.

  12. PhoeyTown

    Lets be honest, you're full of bullshit.

  13. FinalForm

    Let's be honest, you are stupid.
    I never liked K-style, its like a bug but its not.
    Its not realistic and not everyone can do it.
    I can imagine what's your taste if you like K-style…
    And its really stupid to not like one game only cuz of one element that doesn't even make the game as it is.
    It just shows how awesome you are.
    And btw the guy playing in the video is really boring
    if you're more creative the game will be a blast.

  14. DaDyDy

    i know ppl like you brain off — easy mode on! K-style is a chalange you can accept it or refuse, it just shows what bad kind of player you're

  15. DRAGONCLAN1000

    Lets be honest you're a fucking idiot. It was a terrible, gamebreaking bug and now the game can finally be played the way it was meant to be played and not be inaccessible to people and won't turn off people who don't like spazzing out on a Keyboard.

  16. SungBeol

    I think you're the idiot. Without that bug, Gunz would either be broke and terminated, or it would've been waaaay less effective. K-style is what MADE gunz, not killed it. It was for players who could thing fast and respond fast, and learn K-style moves out of their heads and how to use them. That's why people liked it, the K-style concept was and is unique in gaming.They said so themselves, that K-style made gunz as popular as it was.

  17. Brian Ponder

    I'm honestly glad it ditched k-style.

    K-style reduced the game to one gun type (Unless you wanted to show off.) and single handed katana. Every single gun fight became the same thing. I could preform K-style easily enough, but I had lots of friends who were unable to play due to the huge gap that K style creates. Not out of player skill, but due to the fact that K style, and all other styles excluding turtle and dragon were actually animation glitches that the creators couldn't control or fix.

  18. Brian Ponder

    I can't tell you how many times K-stylers that were of a fairly high level screwed over a quest team because they brought shotguns and swords into quest mode.

    I remember a level 99 in particular who was all like; "I got this. Noob, Stay back. I'll K style it ez"…. was all he said before rage-quitting after eating the Goblin king's hammer.

    The game will finally be playable to people who don't want to do the same moves every time they fight somebody. It's not DDR anymore, It's REALLY GUNZ >:D

  19. josh hsieh

    things like K-style and D-style is what made the first game so special without it the game kinda feels wrong….

  20. omghegotagun

    K-style made gunz boring with it being the way to play, and pushed newbies away from the game. Did more damage to the game than helped.

  21. Bruse Lee Wu

    just because gunz 1 has k-style in it doesnt mean its not fun so your going go to cod saying theres no k-style in it

  22. jwn_

    If this game would ever had. K styles
    With such good graphics and with some new features.
    Loads and loads of more people would love to play this game a lot

  23. Joshua W

    I'm sure he and 99% of the population still is.

  24. StilahGaming

    so this game is nothign without hardcore nerds?

  25. Em tis

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  26. zeon nix

    steparu i remember you from more than 1 game lol  i cant belive it

  27. MaiKhawk Isloose

    So no more cool monsters now we fight silly mechs?

  28. Sentinel of the Old War

    Question: are there English subtitles?

    Not a make or break thing, but if I get the game I'd like to understand what's going on.

  29. Rob Zundert

    I Miss the monsters from gunz 1 they where cool

  30. White Shark

    Admin steam sev123456781

  31. DarkVenom

    39 Revival coins wow

  32. TakeThe BluePill

    dat nyan cat life bar >.<

  33. Abzalon

    So no more goblins? or skeletons? No more demons? No more gigant lizards? No more pink dick shape creatures? What happened to gunz? :/

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