GunZ 2 Online Character Selection and Shop Features CBT2

GunZ 2 Online Mini Review!

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  1. Demonic Neko

    Yeah im first lov u very much

  2. Theia Vi

    first is the worse, second is the best, third is the one with the hairy chest.

  3. Xɪɴᴛɪᴀᴏ

    Steparu, is there any game that your computer isn't* able to handle on max settings? xD

  4. Iconic Status

    Havent played gunz in years but i'm willing to give this a go once it gets released, looks more like S4 League to me though lol.

  5. joão vitor

    that items are exclusive of the cash shop ?

  6. John Titor

    I don't like the new BGM for lobby.


    omg there's a GunZ 2… I can die now didn't even know


    Do you also have gameplay btw? Really curious

  9. Adrian

    Steparu could you do a RaiderZ gameplay video? would you consider playing RaiderZ?

  10. psimon

    :O NO WAY!!!!! GUNZ 2, ME WANNA HAVE!!!!!!! Any idea when this game is coming to europe?? you have no idea how happy i am to see new footage of this gem :p ty!

  11. BalanceKidd

    Im guessing theres no kstyle or dstyle or anything?

  12. Razatiger Ault

    okok i wanna see less gunz and more swords, cuz anyone who played the original gunZ knows that a skilled person with a sword could destroy someone with a gun any day

  13. MrLividAntibody

    Does the currency in this game unlock items for only a set number of days or permanently?

  14. FerSave

    nop…but you can change and do same sniper, camping, and rushing skills.

  15. FerSave

    no…but you can do some sniper, camping, and new rushing skills.

  16. Leonardo Wander

    Too bad that there is no more perma weapons :(

  17. Normy Scum

    Army of 2. Not nearly as anime styled as this, but it is always a blast to play :)

  18. Humping Pie


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