Gundam Online RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Gameplay 50vs50 PvP

Unicorn (Silver) Recipe is pretty good. The Beam Magnum is OP AF!
I’m still trying to get a Gold Recipe version of Sinanju and Unicorn. — PvP — F2P — Mecha — JP/TW
BGM — Tree of Savior OST — Kevin — Run Run Run & Red Warrior

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  1. Ron kevin

    The only mobile suit RPG for me is Exteel no more

  2. Neko Gaming

    I never played this game at all but will it be nice to have a Battleground mode on this game :O

  3. SSheep

    I love the sound effects and music

  4. x_killersonic_x !

    Need to play it now.

  5. x_killersonic_x !

    PC or Console?

  6. Cooljuse

    When's Gundam Battle Royale coming out?

  7. Exclesa

    How does one get started with this game? I tried playing this game a couple months ago and honestly…it was a horrible experience. The gameplay was fun but everytime i tried going into a match, the opposing team all had much better units. While all the game gave me to start with was a GM/Zaku with some variants of em.

    In other words, it made it impossible to get any kills, and i would get destroyed instantly.

    I'm just curious if i was missing something. Any help would be appreciated Steparu :)

  8. Ferrick

    OP luck step, OP luck

  9. Jin

    Now I'm interested. Can I whale this game for Unicorn ? :V

  10. Robin Santos

    What makes the rx- 0 unicorn special? Just a curious question since I don’t follow gundam much

  11. hiddenbruh

    Wow i cant believe that they stole/took the BGM from Tree of Savior lol (check the bgm for the Siauliai mission)

  12. TorturerX

    Steph, I wanted to ask you… What do you think of the current state of ToS (haven't played it, just seen that is pretty bad), and… Is there any other game like RO?

  13. DOOM BOT

    I wish this came out in the US already

  14. DOOM BOT

    I wish this came out in the US already

  15. Zeirnaton

    geez this game is still up and running? figured bandai would have shut it down by now

  16. Haze

    find it funny how asian people only try to do asian things and play asian games, eat asian food.. i think you are in denial that everyone else does it better, only thing you got is sushi and thats it.

  17. Naruguy

    The La+ update is also coming to Taiwan servers in a bit, the pre-event just started yesterday.

  18. TSOMcrew

    What does ntd do? Can it repel funnels?

  19. Sever Teran

    It took far too long for this update but better late than never! I wanted that magnum for so long. I quit when tummy pissed me off so hard I wanted to quit life; yeah he was a literal god at the game but as a human being he was probably one of the worst. It's been a year since then so time to bust out my wallet.

  20. Kiefer Tan

    unicorn players suck when you start playing in silver rank matches, like 90% of the time they just get mauled by a raging The O or get rekt by a sinanju </3

  21. Micheal


  22. BruiseIgnio

    Hey Steparu, I would like to say nice gameplay!

    I just picked this game back up, and realized how much of a power gap the U.C. 96 suits have, lol.

    One thing I've noticed since I've last played though is the gasha. Did they increase the cost of GS tickets?

    I also noticed ALL of the suits are in the DX Gasha (The Pickup One), and the GS one as well. There seems to be no difference between the 2 except that one Garunteed plan ticket in the DX gasha that can be swapped for a plan in the exchange. Does that mean DX tickets are borderline the same compared to the GS ones in that particular gasha or…. is there something more?

  23. Mohamed Sh

    what is the size of the game? I downloaded 11 GB and I wanna know the real size


    المجد لإتحاد الأرض


    النصر لنا
    المجد لإتحاد الأرض

  26. Chan0

    I feel like this would make a great steam game

  27. Fahrizal Bernady

    Link download error

  28. Septian Rico

    Game is pretty much dead? Just install it and only few players online???

  29. YU TOOT

    What kind of VPN you used? Could you tell me please?

  30. Parzival

    Can you play this game without vpn?

  31. Ludsama

    I just hate how everyone turned this into a giant TPS game. I mean, SURE it's a big part of mobile suit combat, but when operating the RX-0, not closing in for CQC is heresy. If you want to stay true to the MS's operation style, you won't go trigger happy with the Beam Magnum. You can't do it. It eats up one E-Pac per shot so you need to count your ammo and use the Beam Tonfa if you can't destroy your enemy shooting at it and you can close the distance. Even in Destroy Mode, they never close in, the Beam Säbel unlocked are just decoration and the NT-D barely serves to provide a boost power to shoot. This isn't what I call MS combat. It's just playing hide and seek. This makes me think that halff the people you see in there aren't even true GUNDAM lovers or they would know how to fight beautifully.

  32. CloverX

    is there a sysreq? can i play with intel hd 4000 and 4gb ram???

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