Gundam Online 50vs50 PvP Sinanju Short Gameplay 37 Killstreak

I managed to roll a Silver Version of Sinanju, I’m liking it so far XD.
It’s supposed to get buffed this week since Gundam Unicorn is OP. — PvP — F2P — Mecha — JP/TW
Custom BGM — Tree of Savior Online OST / Kevin — Even Horizon

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Комментариев: 25
  1. Sendagaya Yukimiou

    wow this is intense!:P

  2. Azz-Rushman

    Reminds me of the fun i had while playing Air Rivals / Ace Online.

  3. FudwTM

    That is some "earth defense force 4.1" graphics right there.

    I love it

  4. john15399

    am i dreaming

  5. CrystalEmbrace

    not as interesting as I was expecting but cool I guess XD

  6. CptSkillet

    You beast. I wish Bandai would bring this to the west already.

  7. leon kenedy

    target auto-lock, really?

  8. Sever Teran

    Hey step does Orochi still play and is GoonSquad still alive?

  9. Sever Teran

    Does he also have his shield great beam saber in this?

  10. Kiefer Tan

    Sinanju needed the buff badly since the unicorns broken beam gattling and beam magnum kept on ripping zeek suits apart too fast </3, hell i cant even take down a unicorn using my Geara dogga without getting smashed by that broken beam magnum

  11. JinNJuice


  12. Glanz

    LOL! the pilot is voice Norio wakamoto

  13. Chieng

    Nice game except the graphic like "smashed potato" and the sound need the be more "clean"

  14. Riven Yasuo

    Why they can't fly higher and fight like what we've watch in Gundam anime?

  15. LukeStera St

    Steparu i have some problem when i loggin always lost why any solution ?

  16. Demanding Being

    Man , I wished we lived in a time where big company couldwork and share their stuff together to produce a product.

  17. Tanker2000

    damn it have to wait 3 weeks for that

  18. V Kira

    My favorite mobile suit in space ❤

  19. AngelYuki

    English when?

  20. MrTea

    Havent heard of this gundam but the layout and system reminds me of Border Break…

  21. Cepy Indra Purnama

    i wish bandai would bring this to global server and sea server :)

  22. Ferrick

    Steparu you luck sack o 3 o

  23. Jae Huyk

    any chance this come to global ?

  24. Yuiko

    Why does this have music from Tree of Savior

  25. Gelgoog

    I was wondering why you managed a big kill streak, you're in bronze. It also makes sense considering the lack of RX-0 and sinanju spam which is pretty much all you'll see in gold. Don't worry buddy you'll get there someday.

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