Gun Z 2 Online Playing around with the AI And Special Moves

GunZ 2 Online Mini Review!

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  1. Turtlebear

    soooooooo this sayin we shouldn't get this game?

  2. psimon

    Anyone got a marble.nnet account for me that i can use to play the beta? :/

  3. Arkz5

    lol reminds me of the AI in AC games you get into an odd spot and they just stare at you.

  4. Hantzie

    the AI is so dumb xD

  5. BeyondEnergy

    I'm not liking what I'm seeing. Looks like the controls are horrible. This is NOT a true successor to Gunz 1. This is some god awful spin off.

  6. BeyondEnergy

    Gunz 1's AI wasn't smart too. It makes sense for tiny goblins to charge you and come close to you cause all they had was a knife and a shotgun, but it doesn't make sense for soldiers to come this close to you when they have guns.

  7. Hikekura Last Warsmith

    Hahahahahaa so funny LoL are really dumb

  8. Painless Viking

    so fucking nice is this game..its english revealed?

  9. MDKAI


  10. Felt Anime Piano

    no k-style :(

  11. PorcusLentus

    thank god

  12. Felt Anime Piano

    a glitch which essentially made Gunz 1 'popular'.

  13. Robert Reeves

    I'm glad that shit is gone.

  14. Animurh

    I've seen flash games with better A.I

  15. SgtDomo272

    nice bro! cant wait until the game comes to america!!! :D

  16. Clockwork Carnival

    Iv played gunz since 2006 It made it popular until people got thier ass kicked by unfair advantages. without Kstyle more players will be playing gunz 2 Imo, If your a true gunz player You don't play gunz for Kstyle You play it because its fun & you enjoy the game If you enjoyed it only for kstyle stick to gunz 1.

  17. Felt Anime Piano

    haha i played gunz since 2006 too. but srsly without k-style gunz 1 wouldn't be 'fun' at all…

  18. azure98

    AI — Artificial Idiot

  19. Freekillvenomviper

    I've played gunz since the international version (Before ijji brought the game) and i've had fun before i learned how to use K-style. Im personally glad that they got rid of it because people that knew how to use it would create new characters to stomp on the new players that don't know how to use it.

  20. 舞aru.

    Well, I find the game fun and I enjoy it because of k-style..

  21. matheus k Silva

    k-style -bug in game —
    no k -style
    possible dash -k style no

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