GoHa.Ru | DC Universe Online — Villains 1st Hour Gameplay

Геймплейное видео из DC Universe Online. Первый час игры — создание персонажа, обучающая миссия и первые задания в городе.

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  1. Evandro Luiz de Souza

    I have a degree in Computer's science and another in Pharmacy (You can realize that because my english is acceptable) that was sufficient to construct two residential buildings with 12 apartments each and live without work, but i still working in selling computer things on my website, sorry if we dont need to work for another peoples on my country ok? Your are just mad because the media says "USA is the best country" so peoples trust that and work more and more for USA, LMAO that is funny :)

  2. Tae Tv



    lol Thanks. ' w '

  4. ProtoWebShadow King

    Because marvel is better, but i like DC as well.

  5. David Rios

    @dante williams

  6. Treshawn Glenn


  7. Thumbs up if DC is better then marvel

  8. lolage74

    why do u have to say that wats the point in dc being better then marvel they're both equally good

  9. Ok i agree

  10. Ninjascorpion

    I love dc because they have awsome superhero

  11. Ардак Шамуратов

    даи скаип или мои скаип ardak.grom позвони плз

  12. tonia albritton

    im watchen this so i can finish my dc univers download

  13. FunkyLoiroThunderCat :3


  14. Panzram did nothing wrong

    Marvel is better.

  15. Slayez

    и кто это играет?

  16. ReaPiX

    SALE *********


    До 30 уровня ты проходишь обучающие миссии. После начинается всё самое интересное, ну и только легендарный аккаунт, иначе бред.

  18. Planet Shenanigans

    I was rotfl when i heard a woman say run for your life and the villain started running in high speed

  19. Stevan Manojlovic

    I reached lvl 30 without any help of other players, I get so many group and league invites but Im not sure what do I get by entering such thing

  20. Alvi Syahri

    if just indogamers buy this game

  21. Narekaci Shahbazyan

    no superhero stories have ever been greater than batman, however marvel does have hulk, who can single handedly kill any superhero is existence.

  22. GohaMedia


  23. Zemium1994

    its his character lol XD

  24. Lars Bermann


  25. xtrada HALE

    lame!!!! screw this game

  26. Дима Теплинский

    У автора конченый вкус на одежду и лицо:DD

  27. Дима Теплинский

    Это не оскорбление это утверждение! потому что не очень класный герой вышел!

  28. Юра ХаККеР


  29. Daniil Ivaschenko

    Сделай скрин своего героя,окда?

  30. Daniel W

    Iithjs game looks so gay

  31. House Mat

    I have 3 lvl 30's wth aura's

  32. Antonio Valverdi

    Dude this game is awsome keep it up your doing good.

  33. M7MD_GAMZ

    Insufficient storage. You need to free up 8GB of space where the game has been 

  34. Кирилл Видяйкин


  35. Скумбрия Пожилая

    Like who from 2016 / лайк кто из 2016

  36. Perkaset


  37. Максим Сах.

    игра в ОБТ вышла?

  38. plideso plides

    goha goha 3zl

  39. HideoKodzima

    Некроютюб посоветовал в 2020 глянуть видос=))

  40. Argentum Studio

    рекомендация 21 году )

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