God Slayer Online Female Blade Master Dead Game

My last gameplay for this game since it’s pretty much dead.
I heard the game became P2W. Empty city and bathhouse.
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Комментариев: 46
  1. Ysil La

    Dead game😟

  2. Sasaki

    Looks like a pretty fun dead game.

  3. Nightmare

    Steam bless seems to have changes in the combat , idk if they are good tho , looks "meh" to me

  4. Tanker2000

    chinese are pretty woke tho

  5. aimiyabi

    So it's a dead game even Dilraba Dilmurat can't save it. Too bad.

  6. Solo_NG

    steparu is top of the topest

  7. Chloe Wang

    Gameplay and graphics look pretty solid. Too bad it was ruined by p2w. Most MMOs are.

  8. Green Bandit

    when the game is so dead that you have to put dead game in the title. jez

  9. Cryy

    that title LOL 😭 sad reacts

  10. Happy Life WISH

    They lack originality stop copying and start being creative

  11. Kodo Hh

    Why is a dead game ? Look so fking good O.o All best game not avaible for my country , stupid sad thing….

  12. Nightmare

    2:07 turtle killing simulator :p

  13. daniel queiroz

    well the only way for this game is come to NA and change this p2w bullshit or just closed the game, sad because the gameplay action seems preety solid

  14. UltimateGodGohan

    Gameplay and graphics look awesome.i hope that will come to west

  15. fahmi ibrahim

    Dead game? Make end game content wrap the online stuff sell it in steam as full package game ez money

  16. Zedekiah The Meta-Sage

    all mmorpgs look the same…

  17. Hung Le

    as the name: God Slayer ==> game only for $$God$$ :3. Waiting for your latest clip Lost Ark CBT 3 :3

  18. Chloe Wang

    True. They should try selling it as an offline game to cover their losses. Since they are going to shut down the servers anyways and wont be updating the game any longer. Might as well just sell the game as a single player experience as their final sale.

  19. Ricardo

    sad :/

  20. Rainukun

    Damn I play it a month ago and notice how ded it was, it sucks they covert it to P2W is a fun game but very empty. Heck it felt more empty than Revelation. Main reason I drop it

  21. Child Fs

    Sorry Step, I don't think those guys were interested in you at all… I mean, I don't think they are keen on the opposite sex in general…

  22. Metamorphosis

    Pmang should take over this game, it looks amazing.

  23. Pruz Arias

    wow a perfect katana gameplay, its quite rare for mmo to have katana gamepay

  24. Anakin Sepherd

    02:58 naruto music?

  25. Hoko

    Why every Ming dinasty type of mmos have to be p2w like wtf!?!?!?

  26. K. J.

    That walk thru the city feels so relaxing, kinda makes me want to try out this game.
    Good graphics, artwork.
    But combat seems a bit off tho

  27. 鬼Gozu

    doesnt look so bad i wanna try it out

  28. KayAndroid

    Shame this game is dead. It looks okay to me!

  29. Death Dragons

    The gameplay is great tho :'( sadly it's deadeded (deadier, more dead, idk) now =]]

  30. Shantal Santiago

    blade and soul simulator

  31. Chris Benn


  32. Tomáš Bartoš

    all asian mmos looks and plays like shit

  33. Aranarth78

    Killing games for maximum short term profits will continue and will keep increasing. Sick sad world.
    When devs make a game they should have 2 kind of servers: F2P/P2W servers, and subscription based servers with everything obtainable in game. Or something like that. Just fine tune.

  34. WelshEmperor

    Are you going to be playing the maplestory 2 global?

  35. Mohd Nuriqwan

    a dead game and i don't even have a chance to try it out.

  36. Emily Hartmann

    Current process cultural reputation curtain provide down troop quarterback shallow reluctant rank reject rest.

  37. Tawna

    I really want to get into the game but im having a few problems , i downloaded the game already , the account thingy but now im stucked with the patches :/ ….. What do i need to do with them? there is a long list in there , plz help mee!!!

  38. Rob Neko

    when the game doesnt have tab target combat but its dead….fuck

  39. Rathma

    I was getting worried I thought you were inactive. Your latest post in FB was last year lol

  40. H N

    Pretty sad, game looks fun to play

  41. julian12465

    I still play it some times. Was fun while it wasn’t a ghost town of a game ;(. One of the few mmos that really tried true action combat (every hit has a hit stun) since the old Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero game.

  42. Mrboy21ful

    Most F2P games are usually P2W which equals a dead game. Elsword time is coming

  43. Arkey

    I can't believe companies still think p2w works. What a waste.

  44. Ferrick

    lol step, they're shutting this game down

  45. Satoshi Nakamoto

    If they woulld go global with this and change it from p2w

  46. Chjonne

    That game looks fun and great, sad it didn't come to eu

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