God Eater Resonant Ops HD Gameplay Various Bosses — SSR Nana and Alisa

Higher level gameplay nearly reaching level 60 MC, Nana, and Alisa.
The new event started, bit boring since no real-time coop feature yet.
https://ge-reo.godeater.jp/ — Mobile RPG — Turn-based — Gacha

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Комментариев: 26
  1. Saevg Pvsz

    First Comment!

    Second Comment; is this Playable now?

  2. Adell Visco

    The combat system looks kinda similar with Fate/Grand Order's to me.

  3. Ren

    Turn-based + God Eater doesn't feel right.

  4. Emm38

    I spent 3 maybe 4 days rerolling for alisa, and I finally got her this morning.

  5. Varessa Revanza

    This rip off game is….. Bad choice and feel waste of time…

  6. Lenni

    so it's god eater without god eater :V

  7. Enhanced Nero

    I might just play it for the story. but with the coming of God Eater 3, I don't know how to feel about this.

  8. Happy Life WISH

    These graphics

  9. FellGrima

    similiar to mobius i guess?

  10. IzunaLord

    Damn Nana.
    I like the gameplay etc but gacha system that divided into God Arc, Character and Support Link are basically GBF. Because we need to stack a multiple god arc as "Grid".

  11. GreedC

    the game just feels way too easy its getting really boring to be honest

  12. Okanu_90

    There will be the coop for this game?

  13. Waylork Skudz

    turn based games are antiquated af

  14. Nguyen Trung Hoai

    >Equip calvary lance
    That's not how it work damn it.

  15. Дрочук

    Игры из 2010, каеф.

  16. Knight of Wisdom

    How big is the size of this game?

  17. PC-98

    Just a cheap rehash of existing assets.

  18. Crisbam

    I play in momo too but Ingame is capped to 30fps, 60fps in the menu T_T

  19. Bork

    total garbage imo

  20. Arman_

    Dude wheres my alisa😭 ive rolled x10 like 4 times and my friend just rolled once and got her..

  21. Arman_

    Btw how you toggled off this: everytime i press an ability,burst, attack it says gives me an confirmation screen you just pressed the ability and it instantly got set?0

  22. Fadlie Hidayat

    Game cacat!

  23. Jesse Ochieng

    Turn based God eater? ….. What? Noooo…it's not right…..

  24. Soft Puppy

    Wait I've seen some of this monsters in Tales of Zestiria and that Nana as cosplay for a character… wtf… so it's that much of a crossover xD

  25. Blue Dusk

    So do you actually eat Gods in this game or what?

  26. Jaylord Arbilon

    I really miss god eater online

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