Girls’ Frontline Neural Cloud Gameplay Preview HD 2K

A lengthy preview of Girls’ Frontline: Project Neural Cloud~! The prequel has roguelike features with a chess board where you dungeon crawling through story chapters. I hope they add more characters with special ultimate skill animations~

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Комментариев: 22
  1. Forty

    looks interesting

  2. Scrublord AMG

    Gives off the vibe of Arknights from it's art style. But it's a different game and I like the Girls' Frontline games. So, it's a plus. ^_^

  3. Maveroik

    I'm not a fan of chibi but this look interesting. It's the same company from Arknight? Characters ilustrations are like arknight style.

  4. CaoLongLC HD

    look like autochess

  5. Snuggles

    so many upcoming gacha games that look very promising

  6. Hayashi Shirou

    does this game have desktop ver like Mihoyo's games? graphic looks cuter than its first gen. :D

  7. d2cmp

    Wait, wasnt the new girls frontline game more of an xcom clone? They changed to this?

  8. Puraya

    what?? no recipe, just regular gacha mechanic??

  9. ThankForMemory

    Mica and YoStar They Really like to make game Influence by each other

  10. Youtubɛ

    is this better than Alchemy Stars?

  11. Shiki98

    I realized playing the visitor account that i can only play 1 hour per day and so, can i still registrer into the game and play it or you needed to pre registrer before like a closed beta and you cant registrer any more?

  12. Anakin Sepherd

    steparu play figure story

  13. Lonchi

    I hope they bring this to PC

  14. Данил farship

    Looks fun!

  15. Helsreach ,

    3:22 yes

  16. Man

    I feel like it’s weird I like every other game that’s similar to arknights in ways but don’t like arknights

  17. Yeest540

    Chibis go! x)

  18. Shutaura

    The gacha experience kinda meh

  19. meow kuromi

    is it weird to say it looks more fun than original girls frontline ;-;


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  21. GodSpeed

    I heard there's an anime show of this game for the year 2021, anyone know release date exactly or details?

  22. Locke

    Despite the fact the heads could be like 15~20% smaller and still be chibi 'nuff, this looks pretty fun

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