Ghosts’n Goblins Online Introduction & Tutorial Gameplay 1080p

The princess! Save heeeeeer~!

Developer: CAPCOM | SEED9
Publisher: CJ E&M Netmarble Korea
Game Site:

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Комментариев: 21
  1. Joseph Rosario

    Is Korea just making anything into a online mmo in the hopes one would be good?

  2. J Ramos

    I don't really like how the characters look. Very… odd.

  3. Slider2k

    Looks very casual, comparing to the classic Ghosts 'n Goblins hardcore.

  4. Jeno

    2.5D castle crashers?

  5. Joseph Rosario

    if i see a contra online, I am nuking Korea

  6. Cress

    Graphics reminds me ffix

  7. BakaTakoUwU

    Would be nice if something like Sword Art Online with virtual headgear was on their next list :D


    Who are you to define what is good for others' likes ? It may not be good for you, but the fact that thousands or even tens of thousands of people play a game means that the game is good for others. A better mindset would be this: I don't like this game, I won't play it, let those who see it with a good eye play it.
    Why must people tear down what they don't like and claim it to be bad to others ? Let them try; to each his own.

  9. Joseph Rosario

    pz dude nearly every k-mmo is and was a complete fail and it looks like they are continuing there proud tradition of fail games


    Contra isn't an american game, made in the big old USA, it's actually japanese. So, you don't own it, asians do :)

  11. Joseph Rosario

    does not matter they are making a crappy Ghosts'n Goblins game that mean they are desperate enough to make anything into a mmo that should not be a mmo.

  12. BloodyMireu

    hey, perhaps they'll find one that's actually good! XD

  13. BloodyMireu

    no need to fear, if they fail, then the game dies. As long as you don't have any money put in in the process, you don't lose anything :P

  14. Joseph Rosario

    true but we would still see the aborted horrors that will be produced in the meantime, like some kind of mmo freak show

  15. Joseph Rosario

    don't bet on it

  16. Princess Of Dumbasses

    hmm feels like they are using an improved version of the engine DN used

  17. Zarkyun

    Is it just me or does that demon look a lot like the gargoyle demon from Demon's Crest on Snes?

  18. Mike The Gamer

    thats where he is from. red aremer.

  19. Shingoky Yoshy

    OoO ojojojo nice capcom

  20. gedista

    I am from Greece,Europe. Is there a way to play this game?? Please answer me! And if the answer is possitive ,please explain me how!

  21. ryuuseiii

    Capcom has finally done this time. I cant wait to play this game!

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