Ghosts’n Goblins Online Character Creation 1080p

As always, I love delivering Character Creation vids!
It could use some BGM though.

Developer: CAPCOM | SEED9
Publisher: CJ E&M Netmarble Korea
Game Site:

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  1. Creepayne


  2. v

    would somebody shut that duck up already!

  3. Holo

    Ah, just shut the DUCK UP! lol

  4. Takashi Komuro

    Its a crow -_-

  5. Slider2k

    loli archer ftw! :)

  6. v

    … e.e …

  7. Another Ghost

    Oh my god I hope this comes to NA.

  8. WizPigTactics

    I see what you did there…

  9. Jazneo Gaming

    so if you died in this game you go back all way to the begging

  10. Grimm Calico

    Coming bit capcomhas to say yes

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