Ghosts’n Goblins Online Boxers & Awesome Boss Finish 1080p

The power of my boxers! Lucky Drop!? Boss Gets Owned!
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Developer: CAPCOM | SEED9
Publisher: CJ E&M Netmarble Korea
Game Site:

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  1. Daxien Bones

    well I guess it's an interesting concept at least

  2. PsyMike3d

    1:07 THIS IS SPARTA!!!!

  3. TryHardSasquatch

    Is this made by the same people as Super Ghouls'n Ghosts and Maximo? I need to know if it's the most impossible game ever made or not.

  4. Tsukuruya

    I'd scream like that if my prized treasures were to be kicked…

  5. BakaTakoUwU

    Dat nut kick dmg is op!

  6. NoMercyOfDeath

    This game….I can not wait for the english version so much lol

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