Ghosts’n Goblin Online Full Party Castle Dungeon Gameplay

First Look Preview Now Live! Please Like & Share!

Developer: CAPCOM | SEED9
Publisher: CJ E&M Netmarble Korea
Game Site:

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Комментариев: 11
  1. Defeatenonce

    Ha i wonder wich developer thought this would be a good idea in 2013

  2. Brunkomanic

    Nostalgia is all I can say. I would love to play this with a couple of friends.

  3. jcodbf2

    Seems like it would be pretty fun.


    Seriouuuusly this is awesomeeee I loooove GnG omg hope they release it in english as well

  5. Slider2k

    This has more common with Diablo, than with classical G'n'G :/

  6. Higaide

    I´m very interested in playing this game. Is there anyway i can play it? I have been in the offcial page but it is all in korean and I do not know how to register to play it. I live in Europe, by the way. I hope you can help me.

  7. Hristo Atanasov

    rhis remind me of dragonica

  8. Enki Enkid

    Steparu a question you cant read japanese or korean ? how you know what you skill in blade and soul? :D

  9. Higaide

    Thank you for answer me, ut sadly I have no Korean friends. What means CBT by the way? And when the Open Beta begins, just in case.

  10. ChetChat

    CBT is closed beta test

  11. Goken

    How did I never hear about this!?

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