Gestalt Odin Mobile Gameplay Preview Character Customization and Story Bosses

A preview of Square Enix and Aiming’s newest Cross-Over RPG Gestalt Odin.
I had to edit out most of the loading… might try to unlock transformation. — Mobile — Action RPG — Co-op Multiplayer

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  1. JD Corpus

    Big games in mobile, try to step up everything, nice job developers!

  2. Bs Kata

    Do your best☺☺☺☺nice job keep it up☺☺☺☺☺

  3. Rey

    This just me or

    This is like god eater?

  4. Cornelius Xaxier

    Looks like god eater + star ocean.

  5. Mobile Players

    Boring turned base

  6. Looking for English Community @[email protected]

  7. Mr Kyo

    xenoblade on the phone nice i've been waiting for this all my life.

  8. Mornan Anchy

    How big is the game in terms of file size?

  9. Kanji Kojima

    phantasy star online turn based version 😅

  10. Rize

    So does it play like Ff13?

  11. xyberKnight

    Steptaru, how did you manage to get the game to not be in portrait phone mode, and actually show up in widescreen? I have tried for 4 hours with various emulators and devices, and none will convert to widescreen, only shows up in tall mode, which is most annoying. The only version that I've been able to get running by the way is the Android version on pre 8.1 operating system.

  12. Mimikku_ 290

    Oh wow! A very big project here! :D

  13. Jose Daniel Martinez

    English 2028….

  14. Fajar Aditya

    FF vibes

  15. Bankai OP

    Gay af

  16. Shinobi Justice


  17. Hakuna Matata

    Hmmm I've serious doubts about if my mobile will be able to deal with it 😅…

  18. SANOTI

    Phantasy Star Online meets Persona 5.

    lol the guy in black even kinda looks like joker

  19. Jaden Robinson

    The game keeps shutting down on IOS (IPhone 6S) really wanted to play this since it looked interesting but guess not

  20. Данил farship

    Beautiful but boring!!

  21. xStep

    the only value of this app is the characters, and they are not even the original character in this game
    As a game of SE , the in game 3d animation is pretty awkward,
    gameplay is boring
    the story setting is not my type either..
    i just hope they put more effort on FF series…geez
    but still i got a like for you step,
    like your videos ❤

  22. Sabron Howard

    I just want a english version

  23. Riddif Mandela

    Wait why the interface is so small if its mobile? is it responsive or what?

  24. julian12465

    Anyone else take a while to realize you can switch which weapon you basic attack with? I was stuck doing heals only for an embarrassing amount of time.

  25. Konni

    gameplay wise looks identical to alchemia story

  26. 시즈쿠

    재밋어보이는데 다운이너무오래걸림 자기전에켜서 다운받고자야할둣 다운받을 시간이안나서 못하고있음 다운이시간단위로걸림 파일이 3556개받아야하는데 1개받는데 1분에서 5분정도걸리고 평균 3분정도걸리니까 아 끔찍 심지어중간에 다운끊으면 다시처음부터임

  27. Novan Catur Wahdhana

    How can you play on landscape ?

  28. ジョネーJonét

    Does this game have "Energy" that you need to progress the story or use certain features? I hate energy systems in mobile games.

  29. Iax Moe Slem

    See this is where alchemia story fell flat…the combat was a mess and your style didn't matter…here…whilst it's not mind blowing it is a step up

  30. mil mil

    Please someone localize this game or make private server ✨😭 the male avatars 😍 are lovely af 💖 this is the 1st time I wanna play a male instead of female avatar

  31. Bynk333

    Lets quit. RIP. GO.

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