Genshin Impact Xingqiu Physical DPS Gameplay Test (Artifacts At End)

Genshin Impact Xingqiu melee, I don’t think I will level him past 70 unless the Magical Noblesse Set that I’m farming for him makes him OP! As for now, this is only a Physical DPS test. I hope they buff him a bit maybe give him shorter cooldowns, that would be splendid!

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  1. Ty Khuth

    I’m loving Genshin Impact from the few days I spent playing it. Not really in it for the metas and tier lists but for the characters. I am liking Zhongli’s design but would love some hunky husbandos in the future. Probably not going to happen since I think most people are in it for the waifus.

  2. goldenducky12

    The only good thing about him as a main dps/physical dps is that his natural ascension stat is attack % so i guess thats nice

  3. Circe The Deceiver

    That's still quite some considerable damage though.

  4. Four Alive

    Well i use him as tank supp character, his buff that reduce upcoming damage and interuption is useful on claymore users. Increasing its hp for improving its healing (unable to heal during elemental burst), hydro dmg bonus for dmg and ad.reduce dmg. Perfect support for Chongyun.

  5. GhøstDøg_Gamìng

    That's solid right there!! Great build!

  6. Sabin

    I think Xingqiu is more on the healing side. I'm builting him with Atk% and HP%. He's my second healer in abyss, so I guess its fine to stop at 70

  7. Mr. Donut

    Which better rancour or fillet blade?

  8. Pondering

    Man I love this game. Looking forward to more updates and promos, Honkai-style.

  9. Gaming Hardcore

    He looks like a good mix for chongyu. Thanks for the content bruh.

  10. SC RyAns

    The flute sword is ok for him ?

  11. Bam boo

    Gusha biat..

  12. Karim Mohamed

    where are u from Steparu

  13. Asura Jeff

    I mean with those artifacts any character can become god hahah

  14. mika

    hold on.. hold the f on.. . are you telling me this is a guy?

  15. Lumine

    Would you say Xinqiu's good? I think he's rlly cool but if he rlly bad then idk

  16. kl kj

    Why his elemental burst recharge are too slow 😭

  17. themoobz

    what is his ult damage base on i plan to build him to support my keqing

  18. xSF Gaming

    do u think Xing is a good support to proc vaporize for DILUC?

  19. Đình An Nguyễn

    Excuse me!
    Can you send me the cover photo?
    (Picture you can see when you pause video)
    Please ;^; I like it!
    Email: [email protected]
    Thank you very much, I hope you see my comment.

  20. Rose

    Thank you for this! He's my favourite and I'm sick of people saying he isn't worth it. I'm hoping I'll get him on the current banner.

  21. LiuYe

    Not sure why his e is on such a high cooldown

  22. LiuYe

    He also needs a pair of pants

  23. WitCH KiD

    I use him together with Chongyun. Xingqiu is a support dps and Chongyun is main dps. They are such a good combo. Shatters everything in their way (literaly haha)

  24. ari _

    Is he good? Its my third day of playing and I got him from a wish

  25. Yugi-Links

    Vaporize is damn good in Xingqui. Hahaha

  26. UnderDog13

    You sir gave me an ideea of a team. Razor (DPS) + Xiangling(2nd DPS/support with gouba) + Xingqiu (Support) + Kaeya (support)

    This would be my 2nd team for abyss…

    Basically i would build both supports on Energy Recharge Exile Set to use their ults (Q) and E ability from time to time.
    This will freeze the enemy and while staying frozen can use Razor as Main DPS using ultimate and when his ultimate is over i would swap to xiangling use gouba and normal attacks pop her ult and switch back to the other characters like Xingqiu + Kaeya until they have their ult back… same with razor from time to time.. build ult and repeat :)

    I think this is a good ideea… since my first team is…

    Traveler Barbara and Venti

    Sadly i dont have enough resources to build these characters…

  27. Oya

    Wow I never heard Xingqiu in Japanese voice haha he sounds mature in japanese( I meant he's voice alittle deep in this ver.)

  28. Đức Tv

    thanks bro! im really love Xingqiu kit and summon sword.. what sword do you think is better for him as my main dps, Prototype rancour or Iron sting? Sorry for my bad english

  29. COdeNaMeBOOm

    Am going to try to go for 1 hydro 1 crit rate 2 atk and 1 health item and physical on wep is that to spread out for him?

  30. KK

    His damage look is very good though. Your E does like 10k damage already (half crit) and each sword from ulti is like over 700 damage and he fires 3 sword at once so like 2000 damage extra on attack. My Ningguang E is only like 10k crit at lvl 80 with 4 star weapon on 2100 attack in comparison (the cooldown is like half of Xingqiu's but still his E look insane)

  31. I am Exiled


  32. Steparu

    Crazy DPS Hydro Support using the Royal Nobless Oblige Set


    Can he heal?

  34. Nycto Queen

    How come you don't have cryo on your team? I pair him with Chongyun

  35. Derriere l'obscurite

    i had him c4 but aint unlock any of them and already build him to lvl 70 with energy recharge main stats, the only reason is i need his ult to sinergize with my keqing auto atk and his 3 sword on his E at c0 looks damn better than 4 sword. hes a great unit btw

  36. Guhua Geek

    My my, you lot have seem to quite taken the liking to me.

  37. Ueky Hirazu

    The only think i hate about him is his slow basic attack

  38. Thank you Etika

    imagine pulling for aquila just to use it on xingqiu

  39. Archon of Franxx

    The comment section is not aging well

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