Genshin Impact Xingqiu 165% Critical Damage Showcase C3

Xingqiu main! A slow progress since I’ve been busy. I’m getting closer to my end-game build for Xingqiu I’m aiming for 40-50% Critical Chance and 190-200% Crit Damage with a Hydro Cup~ I’d like more Xingqiu dupes in the long run also, I should have rolled more on the Klee banner, maybe he will be back soon.

00:00 Intro
00:04 Stats + Pyro Regisvine
01:16 No Food Buff Cryo
01:47 Chieftain and Mini-Bosses
03:09 Dvalin with Food and Vial
03:53 Childe Boss — Multiplayer Co-op Performance
05:57 Flying Guardian
06:16 Current Artifacts Aiming for 40/200 CHANCE/DMG
06:42 Solo Abyss 10

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  1. Steparu

    Happy Turkey Day Ya'll~!

  2. Song Xian Oon

    pair him as a support with keqing as main dps and they will delete everything in their way

  3. PaolitoMiguel

    Same! I'm hoping he'll come back in a banner soon.

  4. Neet


  5. Kalin annonimous

    Nice xingqiu steparu

  6. Kei Esper

    Ugh geo daddy soon! hype. Also wow nice stats getting that high crit dmg/% ontop of 2.1k atk! Also why no artis on other teammates? like instructor 4p.

  7. Alan Meira

    Xingqiu is hidden op!

  8. Rita Rossweisse


  9. Zero Redided

    OMG! that almost godly roll for sub-stat~ sasuga steparu
    while my most upgrade sub-stat is flat number whenever atk/hp/def.
    next content will easy walk for you~

  10. kalu kiari

    Your cons 3 xiangqiu is better than my cons 4.XD

  11. Qaztim Eleven

    Wow, did not know he could do this much damage.
    I have him at C5 but did not invest in him. Once I have my main team geared up I will heavily invest in him.

  12. Case Died Well

    I love my Water Bennet! He's right behind finishing my (thanks to the event) C5 Fisch. Sitting at 60 right now because all my Resin went into the event, lolrip.

    Great content as ALWAYS, Steparu.

  13. OraclePunch

    Amber mvp

  14. Kwekling

    Vtuber Steparu when?

  15. Takeru

    I love how organized and good quality your videos are I can tell you put a lot of work into them

  16. Kristic Rev

    Ahhhh yes that bookworm Guhua Geek

  17. Natestahhh

    yo steparu if u scroll through items and spam F pick up is faster

  18. yapk

    Why does it only shoot 2-3 swords at a time I thought it's supposed to do 4

  19. ESmith

    Oh wow.

  20. Ichirou Takashima

    I'm honestly surprised that Step actually play this game, more so to the fact that he's playing on higher World Levels rather than Xingqui showcase.

  21. Timotius Rudyanta

    Whoa u have lucky drop, those artifacts so much better than me😭. Keep up your video 👍

  22. Sun Tzu

    Are you playing or doing a showcase of Baskettrio? Because I’ve seen a “steparu” in my ranked game but I think that it’s an impostor.

  23. Raideck99

    Tu Xingqiu es una bestia.

  24. Loneliness4ever

    how do u have 160% recharge but only 1 artifact with recharge stats? do u use recharge weapon?

  25. shonix___

    there's a datamined hydro set coming , assuming it would be true, would you switch sets instead of full noblesse?

  26. AraFroN

    Question, if you change characters, the critical damage is also activated?

  27. AHGames

    Seems a little inflated by food.
    Would've loved to see stats without added buffs.
    Seems like around 28% c rate, and 160% C dmg?

    How's the XingQiu progress since the upload? Would love to know more. Recently started playing this guy.

  28. alexislovesmanga

    Have you tried him with sac sword its just so broken.

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