Genshin Impact Tartaglia Boss and Story Gameplay Cutscenes

Genshin Impact 1.1 Boss and Story Battles featuring Venti and Xingqiu! I recently hit AR45 and went crazy trying to gear up both my favorite characters. I’m not sure who to work on next maybe C0 Childe, C3 Ningguan, or C0 Diona.

00:00 Intro
00:23 Childe Boss Fight
00:47 Childe Second Form
01:03 Childe Transformation
03:06 Childe Final Form Battle
04:54 Summoning Cutscene
06:02 Everyone Unites
07:40 Defending Against Boss
11:12 Sacrifice
13:52 My Venti & Xingqiu Builds

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  1. Splarty

    Maan, i struggled so much during the 3rd phase of the fight. Took me 3 tries, feels bad man. Probs because of my artifacts.

  2. Jean Black

    lol, your team hard counter childe so hard and makes it look so easy.

  3. Libo

    I wish you didn't kill the boss instantly and showed off his abilities :(

  4. Titanic Tuna

    Watching you destroy that boss was quite enjoyable, also seeing your builds make me realize I need better Artifacts.

  5. Timotius Rudyanta

    your arts must be godly already lol

  6. Jausha Bakkas

    funny people still liking childe, like he attempt to drown entire city full of people. am I gone crazy? or people still can't really see it?


    im curious, how much money did you spend on genshin btw :3 ?

  8. Dac Nguyen

    nice cyclope boss KEKW

  9. FzSptn

    wait, childe have 2 vision?

  10. fuman

    The update has literally just come out, please don't post a picture of the spoiler in your thumbnails..

  11. Mortal

    is this a weekly boss?

  12. KiddBlack66

    Seeing your constellation and artifacts made me realize playing the simple way is better who cares elemental mastery

  13. David InDeed

    He keeps talking while you beat the shit out of him lmao

  14. Evil Apple

    I ran ningguang + noelle and 2 fires. The amount of damage that Childe did took me by surprise… My Noelle with 1.2K defense and 30% elemental resist got 2 hit killed in phase 3…good thing Ningguang burst carried me enough to finish without having to retry lol.

  15. Michaelvand

    So ningguang ded?

  16. Lowki


  17. Higurá

    the summoning cutscene was not played during my gameplay :<. THANKYOU for posting this video <3

  18. Shadzin

    what a whale~

  19. Raideck99

    Me encanto esta pelea. Espero que vengan mejores peleas con el tiempo.

  20. Victor hanma

    Thanks bro. I cant see this cutscene in my account. Too bad my device is potato

  21. Alam Tya

    I hope we can play the story again and again ~ …. Sometime i am boring and want to feel the story again…. ~ (i don't mind … If we replay the story we got no reward)

  22. M.Ismail.R 17

    how about if childe vs childe boss?

  23. Wan Sakuga 作画

    Why Childe became a bad person?

  24. David Nightjet

    Easily the best story missions in the game thus far

  25. Nabilla Ulfa

    Why is his JP dub so lovely

  26. daniel garcía

    i honestly keep replaying every scene because i keep getting distracted since ?!?!!!?! HELLO THATS LAWLESS’ VOICE????? im a huge hyde simp im genuinely,, kind of crying JANSNSJ

  27. dIsGusTeD

    Madame Ping SLAAYYSS

  28. kvrqmiii

    childe was so easy ngl.

  29. Cain Chamomille E. Arnabell

    (put 5:19 and leaves)

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