Genshin Impact Prologue in Various Languages — Japanese — Korean — English — Chinese

Genshin Impact’s first thirty minutes showcasing the prologue in different dubs such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and English. A wide variety of quality voice overs, they all sound pretty good to me~!

00:00 English
03:54 Japanese
13:28 Korean
18:00 Chinese
21:33 Japanese
27:51 Korean

Game Site:
Platforms: PC, Android, iOS, PS4, Switch

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  1. Steparu

    I mostly played the game in Japanese since it's freshly added in this beta~
    00:00 English
    03:54 Japanese
    13:28 Korean
    18:00 Chinese
    21:33 Japanese
    27:51 Korean

  2. S H O K O FVX

    I like using english so i dont hear barbra being sus 🙉

  3. Anime Boy

    The way I play it
    When I go to locations called "Wuwang
    Hill", "Wangshu Inn" and "Mingyun Village" I switched to chinese. I am making up a language rp to those specific places while I travel

  4. melanie martinez

    am i the only one who really likes the korean one? ;n;

  5. Muhammad Oki

    i love a English voice because I don't understand Japanese, Chinese, and Korean

  6. C̳h̳e̳r̳r̳y̳B̳l̳o̳o̳m̳s̳

    I like all of them

  7. Tolkienson

    Who else thinks we should get voice overs in more languages?

  8. L J

    Chinese and Korean for me

  9. jabe

    i like korean amber!!

  10. 성희 유선

    As a Korean i have to say that i love Korean dub but I prefer the JP one 😭💖


    Petition to add a Filipino dub for Genshin Impact

  12. Sonor

    why do so many people play in jp? is it because it sounds like anime???

  13. Kitty294 _

    I’ve never heard the Korean dub but it actually sounds really good! I used to play in the English Dub but recently changed to Chinese (not only because the game is originally from China but also because it gives me nostalgia) The English is good too and I liked hearing the sass Paimon delivered. (I don’t remember if it’s the same for the others but sassy English paimon is great)
    The Japanese dub is also really good and I love how expressive the voice actors are.
    Overall, they’re all great! 💖

  14. Natalia

    how do you change the language but keep english subtitles?

  15. CDur𝟖𝟐𝟐𝟖𝟑

    Japanese and Chinese are my favorite
    Japanese: gives cool anime feel
    Chinese: original language of Genshin Impact

  16. cuteuss overlah

    chinese one sounds best to me even when i cant udnerstand lmfao


    In my opinion

    Best Japanese
    Second Korean
    Third English
    Fourth Chinese

  18. Mr. Potter

    Emergency food is so annoying in English

  19. BendingBananas

    Somehow, paimon speaking in chinese makes her less susceptible as emergency food…hearing her isnt as annoying lol

  20. Jotaro Pinochet

    Japanese is the most conving
    English the most understandable
    Korean is ok
    Chinese is funny

  21. ur ugly

    my ranking on the voices imo

    1/ chinese
    2/ english
    /3 korean
    /4 japanese

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