Genshin Impact Klee Gameplay Combat Testing and Skills

Genshin Impact Klee Skill Preview in her trial dungeon unlocked at AR32. Just testing her out and trying not to swap her out much. She’s no Diluc, but I can see her skillset becoming really useful later for skill burst combos and stuff. I might roll for her Banner since I’m lazy to level up Xiangling.

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  1. Winonah Dekker

    4:50 for da-da-daa

  2. Yaoi

    How do you have Klee?

  3. mrkukres

    Ziggs is that you?

  4. Mr liama

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH i need klee for my qiqi

  5. Robin Marco Barnachea

    Klee E + Xiangling E + Pyro Bonus (atk buff) + Anemo Traveler's Elemental burst will be my favorite combo IF I get Klee
    Would be best with Venti's elemental burst but sadly I didn't get him

  6. hina diaz

    i would trade my keqing and diluc for klee😔

  7. Sofia Pazos-Revilla

    why is the wish banners not showing up for me? can someone help me fix this thank you

  8. Osama

    Her runing animation remind me of Nezuko from kemetsu no yaiba anime lol.

  9. Theone Draven

    when did ziggs become a cute anime loli

  10. Zaskiel R

    01:17 look at how she run 🤣

  11. I need more Carrots

    If only little kids were this adorable i would never hate them

  12. ꧁♫ᴍᴜsʜʀᴏᴏᴍ ᴇʟғ♫꧂

    Klee is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-

  13. Earl Jonathan Formacion

    Klee! I'm getting her because she's hawk VA from the 7D SINS

  14. Felipe Molina

    0:24 dijo teta ja, ja, ja. rianse

    Respeten los puntos para entender

  15. Uchiha Madara

    I got it in my secong wish 💀

  16. Bread Man


  17. Darky11

    Can you get her after the event aswell, or only in the event?

  18. syafiq Syafiq

    Klee tatatta kawaii

  19. Black Star

    Nezuko ?

  20. Naman Kaushik

    I got both Klee and Diluc.. Should I make two seperate teams for them or just one single team?

  21. Crazygamer1102

    Is wishes the only way i can get ? Not even in storymode?

  22. leo beltran

    Klee went full jihad on those monsters!!!

  23. WG/Winter Gamer

    What is better for klee mappa mare or eye of perception

  24. Kenny Lee Jian Siong

    The loli squad actually is damn strong…..

  25. haru | はる

    I really need Klee for Dragonspine😭😭

  26. PLUT0 :D

    the little almost tipping over thing qiqi and klee do when they stop running is so cute 😭

  27. Kuwemi

    I hope they would do a re-run for Klee. I couldn't get her last time (I'm f2p and my gems and luck didn't get a chance) I'll definitely get her, if ever her banner gets a rerun.

  28. SparkyCodeXV

    If story quest domains would have been replayable… (With no rewards)

  29. Ultimate Genosyko

    omg shes so cute

  30. ChickenCola

    Klees ult reminds me of Gilgamesh’s gate of Babylon

  31. sadellust c

    She’s So adorable I can’t

  32. Venti

    Welp I'm off to level up to lvl 15 to get klee. ;D

  33. babi 245

    She is extremely cute and incredibly powerful


    watching this while waiting for her rerun

  35. cey

    I wanted to pull for klee. Then i just did some wishes for Yan Fei i got mona;-; shes my first 5star

  36. Megan L

    ive seen klee out dps diluc all the time, if played right she can be really powerful

  37. • Kelvine •

    I don't wanna leave this domaon 😭😭😭

  38. Imdensecabbage Yay


  39. Wohoo

    Her run animation is soooo cute

  40. Lyss

    I'm praying to the holy jeebus I get her lol I want her so BAD! She's so adorable!

  41. les!

    I need klee bro 😭

  42. CJ sir

    missed her second rerun,, how many years must i wait ;-;

  43. Cookies xx


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