Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible Event Gameplay

Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible Multiplayer Co-op Event just started today~ Here is a short gameplay of it along with the rewards obtained for World Level 4. It’s a co-op only event so you’ll need to host or join other players to complete it~

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  1. 「Nexro宮水」


  2. SergentXII

    Jiggle Physics is life

  3. Nightmare

    genshit impac

  4. johnny change

    Sometimes you can't pick up the cubes? Is that a glitch or some mechanic im not understanding

  5. daniel queiroz

    this event its so easy, the game needs so much content

  6. Vinh Nguyen

    This game is so amazing. Console rate graphics. Very polished. I try not to play it too much cause I fear once I complete it, I’ll start losing interest.

  7. Giovani Nathanael

    The resin part is really a turn off for the event imo :(

  8. Yeest540

    If you want all the rewards you literally have to forget everything else that takes resin for the week unless you whale with fragments and gem. Thought using gems to get gems doesn't really seem like the greatest idea. I've only done a few times because of resin constraints, but so far I've only gotten hosts with world level 1. To get one of the rewards you need same world level. Is match making always random or can you choose to host? Otherwise the only other way I can see if dragging people into your world first before starting if that even works. I don't have any friends that play the game though >.>

  9. Danialeftw

    Do you know how to complete the "Energy overload" quest?

  10. Papa Mabotja

    Where can I get this game ? Is it on European servers?? Asking cause it’s in English

  11. Niburu Illyria

    how do u level your world lvl relatively easily? i think im only lvl 1 but i dont remember anything on increasing it

  12. Azz-Rushman

    The possibilities of teamwork can be quite interesting on an event that is hugely affected by the elements, and since each player is restricted to the element of their character, they (theorically) can't do with without relying on others.

    I always get turned off by multiplayer games that don't have enough "forced teamwork" in a way that it would be almost impossible to win without relying on others (like in Left 4 Dead, or some MOBA).

  13. LiuYe

    Once you finish the game. All there is to do is resin activities and daily quests. Cant wait till the next update

  14. Goldy

    I think that was a decent first event for what they had in mind the game would be when it came out.
    But I really hope they take a long, hard look at co-op play and resin costs/regen rate, and the rewards you get for it.

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