Genshin Impact Diluc Burst Gameplay & Story Scenes

Genshin Impact’s Diluc is pretty OP! I want him now~! Just a short gameplay of Diluc and some of the story cutscenes beware some spoiler stuff here and there. I’m enjoying this game a lot, it’s a fun game to play, just make sure you play at your own pace and don’t get overwhelmed.

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  1. Casual Gamers Online

    I need this character so bad… :) Thanks for sharing the video

  2. Supergalo Gameplays


  3. Alan Liu

    How much did u spend already in gacha for those characters? Very curious cuz i really want venti and diluc

  4. CTRL

    so razor is a stand user got it lol

  5. Andrew Kim

    God i love the elemental combos in this game.

  6. Nathan George

    Started playing recently, not a huge fan of the English voice acting lol. Combat is quite enjoyable though.


    Still super new in this game but please explain me how to get new characters does everyone start with the same 5ish at start or is it all random??

  8. narsayee123

    Can anyone tell me how to unlock diluc plz

  9. David Wu

    Diluc is amazing

  10. 戰士主義

    Is this game, peer2peer or client server?


    Diluc JP VA is Giorno VA

  12. C-Tan

    I always love steparu's gameplay. Steparu so amazing at playing games 😍

  13. TheBloodyEffect

    Just got him 5 mins ago in my first x10 pull lol

  14. Ziral

    just realized Diluc is the only character with 2 cutscenes for his own quest,and honestly i ain't even mad,he's so badass
    The Batman of Monstadt,from a wealthy family,dead father and mother,owns a big company,mostly works in the shadows for the safety of Mostadt

  15. AraMitama Man

    giorno is that you

  16. Lowki


  17. Fazri

    Giorno giorvana yume ga aru

  18. Patrick Ng

    where do you get this Diluc story? I've played through Monstadt and I never saw this scene

  19. Ferry Har

    Diluc combo
    Skill E + right klik + Skill E + right klik and so on

  20. Splish Splash, Your opinion is trash

    Put your hands up if Genshin Impact should be an anime

  21. Tsuari Rindoku

    I feel like Diluc can use Requiem Arrow

  22. Peko Narukami

    AGH!!!! DILUC OMG!!!!

  23. McGalih

    Kono Diluc yume ga aru

  24. Tats Here

    lmfao diluc so op that the hilichurl was floating even when he died XD
    At 3:57

  25. yejinni

    I literally keep watching the end scene… ITS SUCH A CLIFFHANGER

  26. StalingAnto

    I, Giorno Giovanna, have a buggy fire greatsword

  27. LeChungus

    2:52 this part was fucking epic

  28. Dhruv Singh

    Can we get him from the story?

  29. jika

    Be Honest, Genshin's visuals are way above ML's cinematics

  30. Flawless
  31. Just me

    I just got Diluc while trying to get Venti from Venti banner. Im kinda sad even tho I shouldnt. Egh at least i got a 5 star now

  32. Lizzie VG

    I play the game for the plot

    The plot: diliuc

  33. Risa Koizumi

    Would u say having a account with Diluc a sonly good class would be worth it? I have qiqi and mona and razor on another but Diluc is bae

  34. char

    omg i tried getting venti/diluc on my like second roll (for standard and ventis) but i ended up getting qiqi and fischl

  35. Amaroloto Freeman


  36. Ghaitsa Ariadna

    Me before the Diluc quest : "Awww how cute! look at this soft, pretty boi uwu"

    Me now : "Step on me my Lord"

  37. Rukyuu

    whys he so beautiful i go die now

  38. Aruøsu

    2:51 Diluc is f***ing badass!👌👌😤

  39. ༺ Ünͥicͣoͫrn ༻

    It hurts me seeing people with diluc while I opened 140 wishes just to get a fishel which is free now 😭😭

  40. DaqTheDuck

    The hell. What does he say on english? Why is every video on genshin impact japanese lol

  41. Aktar Zahanara
  42. remnezz

    When I get this man, I will replace Xinyan with him

  43. Gacha Gamer Funtime Foxy

    Am I the only one who is whanted Diluc but get Zhongli childe and mona?
    Edit: i got Keqing and Albedo now ಠ_ಠ

  44. JustCallMeRain

    Hello MiHoYo can I stay at his trial forever

  45. just a youtuber

    Funny how Diluc doesn't like the Knights of Favonius but still uses the Favonius Greatsword

  46. Alice Ling26

    Can…can all people in this world with visions fly or something? Because I'm pretty sure jumping off walls is not included in pyro powers..

  47. Kōfuku amv 幸福

    Can I take the scenes I will not own I will credit all thing cuz I just wanna make AMV of diluc

  48. Itawani Yoshin

    So this what happens when Giorno got Magician Red instead

  49. the commenter

    Diluc in the trailer:
    Diluc in the game: you gave me artifacts with bad stats. Now I have to die :(

  50. svnkxu
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